With radiator repair or replacement comes a critical decision that motorists need to make. So, here are some ways to know if you should repair or replace your car radiator.

1. Age of your car radiator

If you have an older car, it is best to replace it instead of repairing it. Older radiators are less efficient than the newer models. If you’re not sure about your car radiator’s age, check for its manufacture date on the metal body.

2. Coolant Leaks Are Not Repaired Well

Even if you have attempted to repair your car radiator, but the leaks are still there, then it is time to consider replacing the car radiator.

3. Radiator Repair Is Expensive

As a rule of thumb, if radiator repair costs more than half of what it would cost to replace the radiator with an OEM replacement unit, it’s best to consider replacing the radiator.

4. Radiator Was Replaced Before And Is Leaking Again

If a radiator has been replaced before and leaks again, consider replacing the car radiator instead of repairing it. It is best to proceed with a new replacement as repairs have not worked for this part.

5. Leaks And Corrosion Are Present On The Radiator

If you have leaked on your radiator and there is corrosion that has been cleaned off, it is a sign of more problems. If you do not take care of the corrosion now, worse things could happen to your car radiator. Having a bad case of pitting or corrosion on your car radiator is a sign of bad things to come.

6. There Are Other Issues On The Car As Well

If you have any problems with the heating system, then repairs for your radiator may not be enough. Installing a new OEM part will ensure that all related systems are working well and efficiently.

7. You Are Satisfied With The Previous Repair

If you are satisfied with the repairs that have been done on your radiator, then ignore this point. However, suppose a part is missing, or the repair was not done well enough. In that case, it is best to consider replacing the car radiator instead of having another round of substandard maintenance.

8. You Haven’t Had A Diagnostic Test For Your Car

If you do not know the cause of your heating problem, it is best to have a diagnostic test done on your car. An expert will determine if it’s the radiator that needs replacing or other related parts are damaged as well. If there are some fixed problems, you can proceed to replace your car radiator.

9. An Unskilled Mechanic did repairs

If an unskilled mechanic did repairs, it is best to consider replacing the car radiator. If your current mechanic does not know what they are doing, find someone who knows what they’re doing to repair or replace your radiator.

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So the steps provided above will help you understand when it is time to replace or repair your car radiator.

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