Both car owners and drivers listed on Hyrecar car sharing site have one thing in common: they are looking for new ways to get the most out of it. Car owners are looking to make more money while the drivers want to get to various destinations or make some money too depending on why they need to rent a car. If you are new to the site, you are probably wondering how to make the most of Hyrecar. Here are 5 tips to help you out.

  • Take A Refresher Driving Class

A driver looking to rent a car on Hyrecar needs to have a renewed mindset on how to maneuver the roads. You may feel confident about your driving skills but if you are looking to make extra money by using your rented car as a taxi or an Uber, then you need to sign up for a refresher driving class. As someone working in the public transportation, you need to take your own safety and that of your passenger into account.

  • Go For Functionality As Opposed To Convenience

Are you looking to rent a car for that off-road weekend trip? Or do you want one to use to get to and from work for a few days? It is always advisable to go for that car that best suits your needs. Some cars are designed as town cars while others work better off-road. To avoid encountering issues, choose a car based on functionality as opposed to convenience.

  • Be Quick To Take Up Bonuses And Referrals

Whether you are a car owner or a driver, Hyrecar frequently offers its clients bonuses and discounts. In addition, if you manage to convince and refer more people to sign up on the site, you get to earn points for that. At first, it may appear little and insignificant but if you are consistent, you could save or make quite a good amount of money.

  • Offer Supplementary Benefits

If you want more people to choose your car, you need to gather good reviews from current and previous clients/drivers. So, how can you make sure you leave a good impression? It can be as simple as stocking the car with little things like bottled water, paper towels, and a clean car. Go beyond what the company requires you to do. It shows that you genuinely care—a sure way to get high ratings.

  • Abide By The Set Guidelines

Should you fail to return the car at the expected day and time, and in the right condition, you risk getting penalized. If you need to cancel the rental, do so at least 7 days in advance and you’ll get your money refunded in full. If you do so less than seven days later, you will get penalized for it. Hyrecar has some set rules for both drivers and car owners. Abide by these rules and you will have a blissful time using the site.

Success as a Hyrecar client depends on a number of factors. Above are 5 ways to ensure you can enjoy the services and get the most out of it.

By Salina Gomez

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