Any plans for today? If you are not going to travel far these days, you can take your family for a picnic. What a surprise! It’s a perfect opportunity to spend time with your family and pets, enjoying the testiest meals in the fresh air. So, planning a family picnic you probably think of where to go. The chances you are interested in the nearest park are big. Try to surprise your family and go somewhere where the weather is good, the place is welcoming and there is enough place to play with kids outdoors. What an adventure!

What car do you need? You know, traveling with a whole family is very responsible. You could be stuck with grumpy kids and nervous relatives and your car can save the situation. Car rental companies have many interesting offers with good family cars available. These days, SUVs and MPVs are the most popular variants for a family trip. But many people still focus on cheaper but smaller car models. What to pick?

Useful features of family picnic cars

There are so many picnic places near you! They all are well-equipped for all kinds of vehicles, with guarded parking spots and facilities to boot. What car to pick depends on how many people you plan in the car and how much luggage you take with you. Thus, by packing a picnic tent, sports gear, and four more kids, you can’t feel comfortable in a Mini Countryman. You need a car with a big trunk and 6 or 7 comfortable seats. Car rental for 6 passengers will help to find the best 6-seaters. Try to decide what features you’d like to see in your picnic car. For a comfier journey, you’ll also want to look out for:

Electric windows

Air conditioning

USB ports to charge all your gadgets

A big boot

Flexible seats

Of course, the choice of cars is big. Each of them has its own advantages and meaningful features. Anyway, 7 seats and sliding side doors are always helpful. Let’s find out what cars suit your trip the most.

Midsize Cars

1. MINI Countryman

This mini car if you are going to drive out of the country for a long time. It’s really comfortable inside and out and has plenty of space for passengers. If the weather is good and you want to arrange a picnic right now, you can use the car boot. It is specially designed to double as your dining table. This car is an ideal variant if you are a family of four.

2. Fiat 500 Convertible

This car is the best variant if you are two. Fiat is equipped with a stylish interior retractable roof. That’s so romantic to have a picnic under the starry sky. When the weather is warm and sunny, you can travel with the roof off and enjoy the views around. This car is fun to drive but only if you are two on your journey.


3. Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy takes the leading position on this list. You can’t find a better car for a family camping if you are a family of 5, 6, or 7. There is enough space for everyone. You will have your outdoor adventure in comfort with three rows of folded seats, and the biggest boot, perfect for carrying sleeping bags, tents, sports gear, and tones of luggage.

4. Nissan X-TRAIL

This is a huge car of a new generation, equipped with three rows of seats, sliding doors, and much space for your luggage at the back. The X-Trail will allow you to carry even more camping gear and different kiddy things you may need on the go. Don’t forget that picnic with kids supposes much different food and kiddy entertainments. The car has a full 5-star safety rating!

5. Peugeot 5008

This comfortable 7-seater can boast its huge boot and enough space in the trunk for luggage and for pets. Even if you need more space, you can fold down the third row of seats and create a much larger space. If you want to travel in safe, rent Peugeot. It is equipped with a reversing camera, parking sensors, picnic tables.

Whenever you go, you have to think of your travelers’ comfort and safety. Thus, transportation goes first. There are so many cars to rent. But you have to pick one, the best for your family. How to pick? Just consider the car size and characteristics. The first thing to do is to decide how many people you take with you.

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