So it’s finally time to say goodbye to Maria, your 20-year-old car, which has seen a lot of action in its not-insignificant lifetime.

However, moving on to a new car doesn’t mean that poor old Maria is without value. You can start taking the basic steps to scrap your car. This way, you get to benefit from every single value-worthy piece of your car and make a nice chunk of money.

If you can’t even tell the difference between your motor and your battery, no worries. We’ve got you covered. Keep on reading for our basic guide on how to scrap a car, with a focus on all the rudimentary steps you’ll have to take.

How to Scrap a Car 101: Get Your Title in Order

Before you even start negotiating with a car scrap dealer or estimating your car scrap value, you’ll want to have your car title on hand, and all your relevant paperwork in order.

In the simplest of terms, your car title needs to be transferred to the person who’ll be scraping it. By providing the required documents as proof of ownership, the salvage yard or the party responsible for scrapping your car can begin the process without any delays.

However, you’ll want to have a solid estimate of your car value before you begin transferring ownership. You can easily get one online, so check it out.

Remove All Your Valuables and Belongings

At this point, you can start taking your personal valuables from your car. You don’t want to wait for the scrapping process to begin with your belongings still in the car. You won’t be able to retrieve them once your car has been compressed.

Make a full checklist of the spaces you’ll want to check, like your glove box, the door pockets, the trunk, under the seats, and any other storage areas.

Take Your License Plates

It’s highly recommended that you remove your license plates, and take them with you. Depending on your state of residence, you might be required by law to turn them in before canceling your car registration to begin the scrapping process.

Moreover, you’ll want to ensure that they won’t be misused by any nefarious third-party. Better safe than sorry.

Cancel Your Car Insurance

You’ll want to cancel your car insurance once you’ve given your car title away. This way you won’t have to make any recurring payments. Besides, if you have already paid the full coverage policy upfront, you’re definitely entitled to a refund.

Therefore, it’s better to inform your insurance carrier about your car scrapping plan to avoid any potential complications during the cancellation process.

Ready to Scrap Your Car?

We know that the process of scrapping your car can sound a bit overwhelming, especially for those doing it for the first time. Yet, we hope our small guide on the basics of how to scrap a car and the essential steps you’ll need to take, have simplified the process for you.

Just remember to have an estimate of your car scrapping value before you start the process and you’ll be good to go.

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