About 27 million cars reach the end of their useful life each year. On average, about 80% of the vehicle is recyclable. One of the biggest recycled elements is the metal used in its construction.

If you have a car that has damages that aren’t worth repairing, is too expensive to maintain, or has rusted out, then you’ll want to consider scrapping the vehicle. This means you’re selling the car for its physical parts and not as a usable and drivable vehicle.

This guide will help you to understand how much to scrap your car for.

Scrap Your Car Online

A fast and simple process for selling your car for cash is to do it online. You can learn more about this with a quick Google search. Most websites require you to fill out a form to get an instant quote.

Once you accept a quote, the buyer’s website will arrange for the pickup of your vehicle. Then your money will get deposited into your account. The entire process is fast and doesn’t require you to go anywhere.

Only agree to work with a reputable website. They should have a positive reputation with a strong history of performance.

Sell Your Car for Scrap Locally

The alternative to going online is to find a local buyer. To do this, you’ll head to the local junkyard. You’ll drive the car up onto a large scale that will determine the weight of the vehicle.

The offer you receive from the junkyard will be for the value of the scrap steel. This is the metal that makes up your vehicle’s frame and several parts. Naturally, the larger and heavier your vehicle is, the higher the offer will be.

Part Your Car Out

Sometimes, you can make more money when you sell your car’s parts individually. This is called parting your car out. You will remove individual pieces and sell them to interested buyers. The process takes more time and effort but will yield you more money than scrapping the car for its metal value.

If the idea of parting the car out sounds too tedious, there’s another option. Some scrap car buyers will buy the car from you with the intention of parting the car out themselves.

Locally, these buyers are called “do-it-yourself-pick-apart-car-part places”. Online they will refer to themselves as cash junk car buyers. In either situation, the car needs to be in good condition but not necessarily running.

Sell Your Car for Cash

If you have a totaled vehicle or one that no longer runs, then it’s time to scrap your car. One option is to sell your car for its recycled metal content. You can do this online or locally in person.

Your other option is to scrap the car by parting it out. This is accomplished by taking the car apart yourself or selling it to someone who will buy the car and part it out later.

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