You look at the car. The tyres are flat. The body of the car has turned to rust; and, the engine won’t start. It is beyond repair. You know a landfill is out of the question as the car would create hazardous toxins to the environment for years. What are your options? To call a car removal company or load up the car to take to the recycling facility yourself. If you don’t have a trailer, you likely will need to pay for towing if you opt to bring the car to the recycling facility. You may also need to prep the car before you take it in like draining the fluids, removing the tyres, etc. Pro Car Removal offers a solution. Give us a call, and we’ll buy & remove your scrap car for free.

When we are your car removal company, there are no hassles in getting your car sold, or removed from your property. We are a removal company that takes all the chores out of having your scrap car removed. Clear out the car, and we’ll be there to remove it.

How Selling Your Scrap Car to Pro Car Removal Works    

To sell your car to Pro Car Removal in Melbourne, simply contact us for a quote. All that is necessary to obtain a quote is a few minutes of your time and a telephone or internet connection. We provide quotes over the phone or via our online form on our homepage. Quotes are provided with no obligation to accept the cash offer.

Once quotes are provided to car owners by our appraisers, it is up to the owners of the cars to accept or reject the quote. Should you accept our cash offer, we will then schedule a free car removal Melbourne. So, the cash for your scrap car can be on its way to you as soon as today.

  1.    Contact us for a quote.
  2.    Accept or reject our cash quote.
  3.    Schedule a free car removal Melbourne.

The process is quick and complete. And, all that is required of you is to have the car cleared of your personal belongings, have the documentation that the car belongs to you, and the car parked in an easy to access area.

Get top cash for your car by calling Pro Car Removal at 0420 474 829.

By Anna