Are you planning on moving but don’t know how to ship your car? Whether you are planning a move across the country, overseas, or even just someplace a few hundred miles away, it’s always important to look at all of the car shipping options available. You’ll also want to check out the key factors which can affect your transport costs, along with the best rated transport companies available to ensure that your transport is affordable and hassle free.

Transporting a car can be an expensive process so it’s always best to get quotes from multiple auto transport companies before deciding. Check out our car transport quote form to get a list of available shipping options and pricing to meet your requirements and budget.  

Car Shipping Expectations

To make the process of shipping a car easier to understand, we have laid out the car shipping process here for you step by step. Other car transport companies may require additional information or steps so be sure to use this only as a guide rather than a checklist.

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1.       Selecting a car transport company. When it comes to the car transport industry, there are two types of companies available: brokers and carriers. A broker can help a customer connect with the carriers in their network based on their shipping requirements. Any trustworthy broker will be licensed by the Department of Transportation DOT as well as carry adequate insurance coverage. The carrier is the one who will transport the vehicle from one location to another. A reputable carrier will also be insured.

2.       Provide your details. Car transport companies will request the details about your vehicle, its pickup location and where it will be delivered in order to provide the right services to you. Most transport companies will ask you for the following:

·         Make, model and age of your vehicle including its operability.

·         Vehicle pickup location and drop off location

·         Time frame for your shipment

·         Contact information: Name, email, phone, etc.

With this information provided, a transport company can then provide you with a quote for your car transport. You should also be aware that your final car shipping costs can be higher than the original quote provided to you. Initial quotes don’t always include service fees, extra carrier fees or insurance costs. The quotes provided are accurate estimates but just remember, that the carrier can charge slightly more by the time the shipment is actually booked for transport.

3.       Choosing the right car transport services. Most transport companies are able to provide door to door shipping options with the use of either an open or enclosed transport trailer. Other companies can provide specialty services like shipping your vehicle from one terminal to another, expedited transport and even international shipping options for your vehicle.

4.       Booking your transport. After you have decided on a shipping service, time frame and a location you are satisfied with, you can then proceed to book your car transport for pickup. You will then be required to either pay everything in full upfront or make a partial payment upon booking with the remainder to be paid to the driver at the time of delivery.

5.       Remember to remove any personal belongings before transport. Now that you’ve decided on an auto transport company, you will need to prepare your vehicle for shipment. Most transport companies will not allow you to add additional personal items inside of the vehicle as it affects the weight and costs involved. This will also help to ensure your personal items remain safe as most transport companies weigh your vehicle before transport.

6.       Inspect your vehicle thoroughly. When the day comes to ship your vehicle, both you and the carrier will inspect your automobile while taking note of any existing damages prior to shipping. Be sure to take photos of your vehicle beforehand in the unfortunate event that damage or loss occurs.

7.       Keep in touch with the car transport company throughout the trip. Your typical transport company is able to provide GPS tracking on their trucks. With this you will be able to assess any delays or issues which could arise that would affect your car’s pickup or delivery.     

8.       Final Delivery. Depending on the shipping options you selected, your car will either be delivered directly to your door or to a predetermined terminal for pickup/delivery. Always inspect your vehicle at the time of delivery before signing any paperwork, also known as the bill of lading. This is what states that the vehicle has been delivered and any notes about the vehicle’s condition. You will at this stage, pay off any remaining balance due to the driver at the time of drop off.

Best Recommendations For Car Shipping

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