Most people remember the day that they buy that new car, as it is not every day that people buy cars and taking care of the new car becomes almost a passion, at least for a while.  A car is often purchased with a variety of ‘extras’ or additional accessories which are both non-essential and essential such as your spare tyre, a tool kit and even the car manual which most car owners either never look at, or glance through for a few minutes. Believe me, when I say we are all guilty of not paying attention to our car manuals and among the main reason that we tend to do this is due to the fact that the car is new and we generally do not expect anything to be faulty. In the worst-case scenario, some of us might look through it to figure out how some of the gadgets included work and that is usually the end of the manual. Normally after the first few days, the manual is usually left to languish or rot in the glove box, the boot or sometimes in garages until they eventually disappear. Believe it or not, this is the worst mistake any car owner could ever do as an injustice to them and their vehicles! Keep reading to find out why is it a foolhardy thing to misplace or lose your car owner’s manual or car workshop manual as some may refer to it as.

For starters these car manuals have unique and specific information about the car that you own which are crucial to the maintenance of the vehicle optimally. Some of the information found in these and there are not found anywhere else, not even on Google and worse, god have mercy if you were in an emergency situation and there was no reception from your service provider at that location. The simple truth is that the information contained in these manuals could actually make a very big difference during emergencies. Apart from that there is also info on how car owners could make the most out of their vehicle ownership experience. The sheer amount of information contained in these car ownership manuals that range from setting up the car optimally to maintenance tips and how to manage potential emergency situations, the car owner’s manual has it all. The sad thing about the whole thing is that most owners tend to neglect this particular item the most compared to everything else that comes with the car, mostly because most of us simply find reading car repair manuals such as these a little cumbersome. Nevertheless, having it at hand and in the car at all times (after all they actually don’t take up much space, do they?) could make a big difference in an emergency situation and save you from a world of inconvenience. To those of you who managed to read this article up to this point and get as far as this, I suggest that you go look for your car owner’s manual and start reading it or at least keep it in the car and if you do not have it maybe download the car manual from one of the many websites that provide PDF versions of your car owner’s manual. 

By Salina Gomez

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