If you own a Sea-Doo watercraft, you know it is designed to provide hours of fun on the water. When you invest in proper care and maintenance for your Sea-Doo, you can expect years of hassle-free operation.

However, as the weather warms up and the water calls, you may be tempted to take your Sea-Doo out without any preparation. This is never a good idea.

Keep reading to learn what you should do to prepare your Sea-Doo for spring.

Clean It Up

When you take your Sea-Doo out of storage, there could be dust and dirt accumulated from months of being in storage. Now is the time to grab the hose and rinse the personal watercraft well.

Also, winter weather can take a toll on vinyl seats. You may notice grime and mold from excess moisture. Use a vinyl-safe cleaner to remove these substances.

Be sure to polish the PWC before finishing your cleaning routine to ensure it looks amazing when you get it on the water.

Inspecting the Sea-Doo

Along with being clean, you need to make sure your Sea-Doo doesn’t have any mechanical issues. To do this, perform a thorough inspection.

If you notice a problem, be sure to order the right Sea Doo Parts before taking it on the water.

During your inspection, make sure to look at all the water and fuel lines for cracks or other types of damage. Be sure to replace the lines that are damaged before taking them out on the water.

You should also check the electrical connections for build-up or damage. If there are damages present, make sure to have them repaired. If you notice build-up, make sure to clean everything, which will ensure no efficiency issues occur.

If you did not change the oil or oil filter before putting the Sea-Doo up for winter, now is the time to do this. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, have a professional handle it for you.

Some other components of your Sea-Doo you need to inspect include the spark plugs, controls, and battery. All these play a crucial role in making sure you are safe while on the water. Be sure to make any needed repairs before heading out.

Is Your Sea-Doo Spring-Weather Ready?

Once you take time to clean and inspect your Sea-Doo and to make any needed repairs, you are ready to hit the water. Don’t try to take your PWC out without these steps. Doing so may leave you stranded in the open water.

Also, when you take your Sea-Doo out for the first time, it is a good idea to take a friend. This will help ensure if something does go wrong, someone is with you to help out.

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