Over the last few years there has been a dramatic transformation in the way companies market their businesses. Social media has taken over TV and radio advertising; email has superseded direct mail, and now if Google doesn’t know you exist, don’t expect any new customers to be able to find you. The auto repair industry is way behind when it comes to marketing and advertising, with word of mouth being their most trusted method. If you want to get ahead, you are going to have to change your strategy! This latest auto repair software will help you to do so.

Auto repair software explained

Innovative, forward thinking and dynamic, these are three words to provide you with the most accurate description of this auto repair software. If you want to transform the inner workings of your business, this is exactly what you need. It is an effective business tool that enables you to enhance all functions related to your organization, whether you are scheduling appointments, sending customer receipts and invoices, engaging with your customers, building estimates and much more, this software will help you to do so.

How will it improve your marketing technique?

How many hours per week do you spend stuffing envelopes to send to customers about new products and services? Probably more than you would care to admit right? Statistics show that consumers are no longer responding to direct mail. Leaflets get left on dining tables, written on, thrown in the trash and in most cases not even looked at. So not only are you wasting time, you are also wasting money. Statistics also show that one of the most effective marketing tools is through email and text messaging. It makes perfect sense, the majority of people are obsessed with their mobile devices, when a message comes through they look at it immediately. One of the features of the auto repair software is that it enables you to build customer profiles. Therefore, you have direct access to the likes, dislikes and wants and needs of your customers. Sending targeted information about the products that you know they are definitely going to want and need, is much more effective than sending out hoards of information and hoping that someone will respond.

Make customer connections

Everyone desires to feel wanted and appreciated. By engaging with your customers, you are fulfilling a basic human need. When customers get their needs met, they are more likely to return to your store. Your main aim is not necessarily to have more customers but to gain loyal ones. People are always going to need cars, and so if you have a group of loyal clients, you are in a win situation.

You can have access to this auto repair software for FREE up until the end of 2018! You won’t have to sign a contract, make any initial payments, and neither will you have to pay a cancellation fee if you decide that it’s not for you at the end of the year.

By Tom Clark

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