A car that you have built up from its components or in kit form turns out to be what is very much one of a kind – it’s a specialist vehicle. In fact it’s so much of a special vehicle that when it comes to arranging kit car cover, a dedicated, motor insurance specialist might prove one of the most certain ways of securing just the right cover for you and your vehicle. The law requires that you have a minimum of third party insurance if the vehicle is to be driven on the public roads; you might elect to add to that the risk of the vehicle being damaged or destroyed by fire; or you might choose to go the whole hog and arrange fully comprehensive cover. All of these options remain available if you have a kit car to insure, but a specialist broker is also in a position to advice on those areas in which cover raises additional points for concern:

Insurers – one of the initial obstacles, for example, is that many mainstream insurers simply decline to cover kit cars. A specialist insurance provider’s website might prove useful in guiding you towards those insurers that actually want your business; Values – one of the most important aspects of arranging cover is agreeing with the insurer the vehicle’s value. As with most forms of insurance, getting adequate cover typically relies on looking at the worst case scenario. If your kit car is completely written off in an accident, or stolen and not recovered, you probably expect the insurance to compensate you to the full value of the car. Obviously, this is only going to happen if the parties to the insurance contract have previously agreed that value;

Salvage – standard forms of motor insurance naturally also include such a worst case event of the vehicle being a write-off. On the settlement of the claim, however, what remains of the vehicle (the salvage) formally becomes the property of the insurance company, which arranges recover of the scrap value through its commercial relationship with a salvage company. If you own a kit car, however, it is probable that in such an event, you intend to salvage the wreckage for yourself, strip out any usable components and use them to rebuild the original or a different car.  Kit car cover, on the other hand, is likely to be needed from the moment the building project starts and the first of the components start to arrive in the workshop or garage.

Car Covers Now!

Well here it is, the first of April and the weather is changing. After the winter months are gone comes the rainy season. It’s nice not having to scrape the windows and clear the snow off your vehicle. At this time of year the one thing that is different is now there actually is more moisture than the winter. Why, because in the winter the moisture is frozen and there is less water to contend with therefore your car cover isn’t as wet where as in the spring.

If you have been using your car cover this winter you may want to take a close look at it to see how well it’s holding up. Check the seams to see if they are frayed or coming apart.  So, don’t wait till the storms are here, an ounce of prevention is worth not needing a new paint job. So far we have talked about the winter conditions of the Northern and Eastern part of the country. There are also the Southern and Western portions of the country to think about. The Northwest does get the winter conditions like the Eastern part of the US but they also get a lot of ice and rain during the winter months where So even if you are in the Southern part of this country you also should be checking your vehicle covers to see how they have held up this winter because the sun is going to be hotter and the rain will be more intense.  I always check my vehicle covers every season to make sure they are doing what I bought them for and that is to protect my investment. And to get the best return you should try your best to protect your investment. Covering your vehicles is just one good way to keep its value.

How to Buy the Right Car Cover

In today’s market you need to find the right car cover for the right price. When looking for a vehicle cover you should start with the Internet. Vehicle covers come in all kinds of styles, colors and makes. All these covers are also treated with a UV block to help them last longer in the sun. This can cause damage to your vehicles paint and also cause rust to get started under your paint causing body cancer to start eating away at your vehicle.

In this case you should us warm water and pour it over the cover till it comes off easily. This condition doesn’t happen very often but when it does don’t try to pull the cover off or you will damage the cover. There are car covers that are made to withstand lots of sun and will also keep your vehicle cool and dry. These covers are made from Tyvek. There are covers to protect your vehicle from dust, like in your garage or under a carport. When looking in the Internet for car covers you should check on their shipping polices and there return policies also. Make sure you give them a call to check on your size, if you order the wrong size and have to return it most company’s charge for shipping on the exchange.

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