Let us suppose that you are travelling in your car and suddenly while driving you realise that one of your car tyres go flat. After parking your car safely at one side of the road, you get out of your car and start the replacement process. Now, this is another scenario which is usually found on Indian roads.

To understand this better, let’s get back to the main cause, why the tyre got punctured. This was because you must be using the traditional combination of tube and tyre.

In order to avoid such situations, you can start using tubeless tyres.

Well, gone are those days when tubeless tyres work only on high-end luxury vehicles, these days even motorbikes are seen equipped with tubeless tyres. These days many brands have started to manufacture tubeless tyres such as Apollo Tyres, Yokohama Tyres, Kenda Tyres, etc.

Let’s discuss tubeless tyres advantages and disadvantages-

Tubeless tyres Advantages

  1. Fewer Punctures – Most of the time, tube tyres get punctured because the tube gets pinched between the tyre and the rim. But in this case, since there is no tube involved, the chances of punctures are very less.
  2. Able to run at low pressure – Well, in a tyre air changes its pressure inside the tube or tyre. So in a tubeless tyre, the pressure of air does vary and usually tyres run at low pressures, which can lead to a puncture in the tube. With tubeless tyres, it can run for about 30 to 50 kilometres with punctures.
  3. Enhanced Safety – In case the puncture happens, the air release is quite slow, which gives ample time to the driver to control the vehicle, especially at high speeds on highways. It consequently reduces the probability of accidents, providing better safety.
  4. Fuel and cost-efficient – As there is an absence of a tube, tyre becomes lighter and hence consumes less fuel and thus increasing mileage. The heavy components in the vehicle will demand more power from the engine and it requires more fuel. Hence, the absence of the tube also saves on the tube cost and its maintenance.
  5. No unwanted friction – While driving on highways at high speed, it may lead to the friction of tube and tyre which may result in tyre or explosion. Tubeless tyres do not have that risk.
  6. Stability – Since air is present in the tubeless tyre itself, and not in a tube, driving at high speed will be stable as the air in the tyre is also stable. With a tube, there are chances of uneven pressure, which will make a smooth ride at high speeds. Also, since a tube tyre(tube, tyre, rim) has more components compared to a tubeless tyre (tyre and rim), performance and efficiency are better with a tubeless tyre.

Tubeless Tyres Disadvantages

  1. Not easy to fit – Since the tyre needs to be fixed airtightly against the alloy/rim to hold air, it takes longer than usual for tube tyre to fit. Hence, it requires professional help or else you might end up damaging the alloy/rim.
    As with an edge of ‘travelling certain kilometres with a puncture,’ you can find some help and get it fixed.
  2. Sidewall concern – Tubeless tyre puncture at sidewall can be a nightmare and in a tube type case, you just have to replace the tube and you are good to go. However, in case a tubeless tyre is damaged badly, it requires a swap which is a testing task. But, these days sidewall issues occur very rarely, as they are very hard wearing.
  3. Expensive – If you compare a tubeless and a tube tyre, the tubeless one will cost a bit more. But the cost of a tyre can be recovered since they save your fuel.

Sighting all the tubeless tyres advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude with the fact that tubeless tyres have more realistic advantages as compared to the disadvantages. With the constant change in technology, one should not fear to try new technology. So in case if you are planning to upgrade, you can blindfold trust the tubeless tyres for its better performance, safety, and fuel efficiency.

By Tom Clark

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