The desire to keep your car in showroom condition is understandable. The routine care and maintenance of your vehicle will dramatically increase its longevity, as well as its return on investment when you sell it.

Why is detailing your car so important? It boils down to this: Once you’ve spent a considerable sum of money on a vehicle, you want it to last for as long and look as good as possible. Yes, there will always be some minor wear and tear on your automobile, but you can help slow down the inevitable by regularly detailing your auto.

Most people believe that detailing involves cleaning their car, which it certainly does, but the act of genuinely detailing your vehicle is so much more than that. It’s about protecting the resale value and authenticity of your car.

Mobile car detailing Richmond VA is the best choice for you to get the best car care possible.

Why Mobile Car Detailing Rock

Mobile detailing professionals can come to your location and make sure that your car is taken care of promptly. Mobile detailing has become increasingly popular over the last few years because it saves time and money for you and the professional. Auto detailing also helps keep your car looking new with convenient services such as hand detailing, upholstery cleaning, carpet shampooing, leather cleaning, car wax, and more!

Tips and Techniques for Mobile Car Detailing

Tip #1 Clean Your Car Thoroughly

If you do not clean your car correctly, any car paint protection applied will be compromised. Mobile car detailing Richmond VA professionals use a combination of soft and stiff bristle brushes to remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas such as seams and crevices. Be sure the brushes are always cleaned thoroughly after each detailed service to avoid recontamination of your vehicle. This is especially important if you plan to wax or polish the car, as residue will reduce the effectiveness of these treatments.

Tip #2 Choose the right car detailing supplies

If you value your time, always use the right tool for the job. Mobile car detailing Richmond VA professionals use various brushes, chamois cloths, and sponges specifically designed for each task.

Tip #3 Avoid harsh chemicals

When washing your car, avoid using harsh chemical cleaners. Use eco-friendly detergents, as these are gentle on the environment and will not strip wax or paint protection. Use soapy water and a clean chamois cloth or microfiber towel to remove grime from the body of your vehicle gently.

Tip #4 Use Proper Technique

When washing your car, remember this simple tip: “two buckets, two clothes.” Use two separate buckets of soap and clean water to avoid recontamination. One bucket is used for the body of the car, while another is used for the wheels. The same principle applies with the chamois cloth or microfiber cloth- one material is used to wipe the body, and another is used for the wheels.

Tip #5 Wax and Buff in Shade

On a hot, sunny day, it may be tempting to wax your car as soon as you get home. While this might save time, the heat will cause the wax to dry too quickly and become tacky. Mobile car detailing Richmond VA professionals recommend that you wax your car in the shade or at dusk so that the paint can cool more slowly.

Tip #6 Protect Wheels and Trim

After the car wash, protect any areas of bare metal or plastic on the car. For example, unprotected wheels will soon corrode from road salt and road grime. You can apply a clear coat of wax to these surfaces as well. Avoid using strong polish on black plastic exterior trim, as this can cause it to turn grey.

Tip #7 Keep Tires Properly Inflated

Check your tire pressure at least once a month. Mobile car detailing Richmond VA professionals recommend checking tires when the vehicle is cold before going anywhere in the car. Professional detailers have a unique gauge that’s used to measure tire pressure, but you can use a good quality tire gauge to get a rough idea of the pressure.

Tips for choosing products to use in detail jobs (tools, supplies)

  • Choose products that are appropriate for the type of paint on the car. Products may be more aggressive for a kind of paint than another. The only exception to this rule is clay bar decontamination. Clay bars are softer than polish, so they are safe to use on any paint.
  • Be sure to clean and degrease surfaces before applying any products. This will allow the product to reach deeper and do a better job cleaning the surface.
  • Use a microfiber cloth or cotton pad and mist it with your product of choice (avoid using a spray bottle).
  • Always read the directions on each product before use to avoid issues like streaking, water spots, and compatibility.
  • Always start from the top of a panel when applying products and work from front to back in one direction.
  • When finished, remove any product that might be on contact points or surfaces that will not be treated with a clean microfiber towel. This ensures you won’t have issues during your final wipe down.

Importance of Mobile Auto Detailing

If you take care of your car and keep it looking good, you will find that it is more enjoyable to drive and holds its value better than a neglected car. Mobile car detailing Richmond VA professionals can help you keep your vehicle looking its best and maximize its value. Prolonging the life of your paint finish can also be helped by keeping it clean and waxed, removing bird droppings, swirl marks immediately, and keeping exterior glass and windows clean and clear to avoid making it difficult to see through them. Keeping your car clean is also a safety issue, as dirt and grime can obscure your vision while driving.

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