Las Vegas is easily known as the best city to party in the US, but its reputation goes beyond the states. Las Vegas is also an incredibly popular location around the world. For many people, Las Vegas is a bucket-list locations, where people go for the once in a lifetime experience, where they get to enjoy the vibrant experiences of gaming and more.

While many of us would like to go to Las Vegas, the cost that comes with it might prove difficult for some, especially under current climate. Or for some other travelers, they may want to visit somewhere that is lesser known. This is why British Gambler created a campaign that details some ‘Less Vegas’ locations for you to consider for your next gaming getaway.

4 Alternatives of Las Vegas for Your Gaming Getaway


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Singapore is a popular party destination in Southeast Asia. Singapore is able to offer similar colorful experiences at a considerably more affordable cost. With only 2 casinos, it may not be as gaming eccentric as Las Vegas, it does have a vibrant food and drink culture to offer. Should you feel like having a mixed gaming holiday, Singapore is the perfect destination for you to go to.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico can be your home away from home if you love Las Vegas; with a similar but more manageable climate. Puerto Rico has 16 casinos where you can visit and have the time of your life. This island just off the shores of the United States and Africa has much more to offer with its incredible naturistic scenes. Should you decide to travel to Puerto Rico for your gaming experience, it would be a unique gaming experience indeed.


London, the heart of the UK, is known for its historic background. While the city has much to offer, it is one of the best gaming locations outside of Las Vegas. The city offers over 50 casinos and is lined with various pubs, bars and other experiences that make this destination a truly remarkable substitute for Las Vegas. However, if you are planning to travel to the UK, be sure to pack an umbrella and a waterproof jacket.


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Amsterdam is the new hip party location around the world. Known for its relaxed laws that allow people to have crazy fun in the city, makes it an incredible alternative to Las Vegas. Amsterdam offers reasonable accommodation costs along with 15 casinos where you can game at. While Amsterdam features contrasting weather to that of Las Vegas, there are various travel experiences that make this destination unique. Travelling can be costly based on your start location. However, it is totally worth it because Amsterdam is undeniably a great party location.


So, there you have it; these four cities are incredible alternatives to Las Vegas and can be exciting locations for your gaming getaway. For more information about Vegas alternatives for gaming getaways, you can check out the map British Gambler has created.

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