Among the segment of full-size luxury sedans, the 2019 Genesis G90 makes its mark for redefining luxury in its own terms. Users around the world has rated it as one of the most comfortable sedans that comes with luxurious materials adorning the cabin, and the automaker has made sure, every bit of its mechanisms working towards delivering a luxury ride in all terms.

Luxurious Cabin Features

We walked into the showroom of the Riverside Genesis, and there we got the opportunity to explore the entire lineup of 2019 G90.

Every trim model of the 2019 Genesis G90 comes with a cabin in which the upholstery is fully draped in Nappa leather. While that makes a cozy seating lounge with as much space you could ask for, the driver is given the advantage of sitting on a 22-way adjustable cockpit, that can be both heated and cooled along with the other front seats. The heated steering wheel adds to the driver-oriented cabin that also keeps you entertained through its premium audio system, and an infotainment section that includes a massive 12.3-inch touchscreen display integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. When you ride on a 2019 Genesis G90, you don’t get to know the outside weather unless you roll down the windows, as the three-zone climate control system keeps the cabin atmosphere cozy at every corner, irrespective of where you are seated.

Level of Comfort Assured by Quality

The 2019 Genesis G90 counts itself among the segment of full-size luxury sedan that come in an affordable price. Genesis as the luxury branch of Hyundai has put in all its effort to make each ride in the 2019 Genesis G90, stay calm and quiet, keeping the external noise and other troubles at bay with its excellent noise cancellation system.

The front and rear seats in each G90 of the year 2019 are extremely supportive and comfortable while Genesis has allotted quite a decent storage capacity to accommodate considerable amount of luggage, and overall, the cabin will impress you a lot on the positive side with its perfect fit of features and design finish.

The base trim of the 2019 Genesis G90 with its Nappa leather upholstery feels soft and cozy, and all the other materials used for the hard and soft surfaces are from trusted brands and quality. You get to touch and feel the boldness and strength of the stainless steel, feel the soft touch of the layers of synthetic suede, while a glossy wood that adorns much of the interior hard surfaces, would really bring about that upscale feeling.

Storage and Utility Score

Our exploration at the Riverside Genesis dealer showroom showed us that the trunk of the 2019 Genesis G90 can boast of a cargo space that spreads across 16 cubic feet of space that can easily gulp in the luggage you carry for all the four passengers. Apart from that secluded carriage at the back of the rear seats, there are plenty of storage pockets scattered all over the cabin and the cubbies are big enough to store all your digital devices. Genesis aims to make a statement with the G90: its fit and finish can stand up to luxury-car stalwarts.

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