Hiring process is never the easiest one. Especially if you need to hire a professional who is planning to do most of the job. It’s quite a common situation in regards to the transportation industry. There are two main processes you may use to find CDL drivers for hire: https://cdlscan.com/

Investment into CDL certificate

Some companies are extremely interested in this opportunity. And, basically, it has benefits for both the sides:

–          Young person who is just planning to get a CDL certificate and to start a career as a truck driver but doesn’t have an appropriate budget to invest in the study;

–          A company which will get a young specialist with at least a one-year contract after graduation with a lower salary at the sphere.

It may sound not very fair in regards to the young CDL driver for hire, but there is still a possibility for him to pay back to the transportation company all the money for his study and to work on a normal basis.

There are a few types (Classes) of the CDL, so obviously the company will apply for the type it requires. The candidate will need to go both through a theoretical and practical part and here is one important moment that has to be mentioned. Normally, the practice takes and requires quite a lot of time making it almost impossible to work somewhere even on a part-time basis. That is one more reason why people which are interested to be involved in a CDL driver hiring process quite often cannot afford it on their own.

Posting a job offer

In case a transportation company is planning to hire a CDL driver with more experience, it makes sense to use special online platforms to post job offers and look for potential candidates.

To make a most sufficient job offer for hiring CDL drivers the company may follow these main steps:

–          Create a unique and attractive offer. If you check how many offers are published via Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster and other websites in regards to CDL drivers hiring, there are hundreds of them. Of course, some candidates are looking only into the salary section, but there are much more who are searching for adequate and competitive work conditions and some additional benefits. That is where every employer may distinguish himself providing with the information about all the unique or at least unusual benefits their drivers have;

–          Improve the company’s website attractiveness. And not only for the potential candidates, which may check it out, but also for a Google search. The issue is that a lot of drivers don’t know the exact websites that may look for a job and just put a specific request into Google. The better the company’s website fits the search, the higher its position in the results and the most probably it will be noticed by a searcher. To make it happen it’s recommended to hire a SEO specialist to adapt the website to the particular needs of the transportation company;

–          Choose a correct candidate. It’s quite a long process which will require a number of steps to perform. He should be eligible to do the job as well as do it pretty well to be hired. Normally, the company has a normal and a practical interview (where the candidate proves his skills and knowledge). It’s quite important to involve in the interview process a professional driver of the company so he can check technical knowledges which normal HR agent cannot do cause of lack of his own base;

–          Check his work for the first weeks after hiring. A lot of companies implemented a so-called trial period for the new employees to make sure they truly fit the company’s policy and needs.

Hiring a CDL driver it’s quite a complex process which requires quite a lot of time and preparations. Luckily, there is some interesting and quite popular tool – CDL Scan. The idea of this tool is to gather the reviews for most of the American drivers across the country so everybody can just input a name and to read the recent feedbacks for a particular driver. It’s both useful for a company when hiring a new driver and for individuals which are applying for any kind of delivery.

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