For a motorcycle riding fanatic, MX boots or dirt bike boots have the same importance as their helmet as far as a safe racing experience is concerned. It may not be too comfortable putting on these types of boots, but they are necessary to protect your lower legs and feet from unwanted injuries. Many riders take off this sports gear immediately after finishing a ride. Nevertheless, since these are protective equipment, you cannot do without them. The market is flooded with different brand offerings. So, choosing one from them can be a challenge if you don’t have much awareness about them.

Factors to consider while shopping for a pair of MX boots

Motocross is an adrenalin pumping sport, which requires fitness and concentration in addition to preparedness. To prep for it, you need to use essential protective gears, including these boots.

If you wear them at the time of racing, you can save your legs and feet from getting injured when accidentally they hit a boulder, a tree, or the hot engine of the bike. Besides, at sharp turns, a rider’s feet have to bear a lot of pressure for balance and quick movement. With these boots on, you can effectively reduce the resulting impact. Hence, it’s not a good idea to drop them from your list. If discomfort is the main reason why you don’t want to get a pair of these, then reconsider your decision once. Buying the right type of motocross boots is essential to have a smooth go at it.

Boot material

These can be made of metal, plastic, or a blend of composite materials, such as leather. The ones which contain steel and aluminum plates tend to be weighty and robust, while those with the plastic body are light in weight and not as effective in providing protection. Many bike racers avoid the choice of steel plated boots because they find it difficult to wear them. As other alternatives, you can look for synthetic and rubber boots also. While the first one is durable and expensive, the other offers the comfort of taking on and off along with being resistant to substances like oil.

If your primary aim is protection, then selecting a steel-based boot makes sense as they consist of toe and heel guards. The only downside is its weight. Another option is the leather material, which is breathable and can stay safe from abrasion. For a more affordable range, you can, however, pick plastic boots. But you cannot expect them to protect your legs and feet the same way as the steel ones.


You cannot go wrong with your choice if the boots fit you well. Therefore, picking the right size is of utmost importance. Check size chart of the manufacturer to understand how many inches of a shoe will be suitable for your feet. Generally, it is recommended to opt for one size bigger shoe and wear riding socks with them.

Riding level or experience

A vast range of MX boots is available in the market for different riding levels, such as beginner, intermediate, and expert. At the time of shopping, explore category that fits in your needs and requirements.

Boot price

Opting for a low-budget boot may not be wise if your goal is to achieve protection. The ones that come for a lower cost don’t include many features that could be beneficial for your riding stint. So, choose something that covers your needs as well as doesn’t affect your budget beyond the comfort level. While determining a choice, don’t forget to analyze the positives and negatives of the boots from every angle.

Warranty period

These specialist dirt bike boots come with a warranty that is included in their selling price. Usually, sellers provide two years of warranty against damages caused by accidents. With some brands, you can expect to get extended period offers though.

These are some critical points which are vital to remember when you shop for your pair of footwear. Since most people find it challenging to take on these boots, nowadays companies have become conscious about this and advertise their products saying “no break-in” required. It could be right for some riders as everyone has a different shape and size of feet. Even after trying out several makes and models, if you don’t find a comfortable choice, don’t feel disappointed. If you get your fit and can ride in them without any obstacle, they are good to go. You can habituate yourself to them by riding with them for a day. Comfort will naturally develop from there on.

However, if you still don’t feel comfortable, you can try a few tricks to break in your new pair. Take a look at how you can do this.

Easy hacks for breaking in MX boots

Since some of these dirt bike boots tend to contain plastic in their body, you can use a hot hair dryer or heat gun on it to make it flexible for your foot shape, size, and movement. However, be careful while applying heat as too much hot air can melt or damage the boot material and eventually, result in canceling your warranty.

Another common trick is to wear them every day in your home and walk for a few hours until the racing starts. The more you walk in them, the more they will conform to the shape of your foot and lose its rigidity. Additionally, it will also help you understand whether you picked the right fit for yourself or not. By chance there is an issue with the size, you can return them as they are still unused and clean.

If you bought a leather boot, you can submerge it in water for one hour or fill the pair with some amount of it to enable it to lose its stiffness. Wear it wet so that when the material dries up, it has already taken shape and size of your foot. Leaving it to dry without trying may not be fruitful for you as leather tends to shrink when dried. In this context, it is also essential to note that the boot can develop cracks when they become dry. So, you would need to condition them well with shoe polish. Another risk is that if the problem persists, you would not be able to return them.

Anyway, if you love racing, you cannot take a chance with your health and safety. So, buy one MX boots, ride your way crazy, and stay safe!

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