The function of the shock absorber is to cushion or absorb the vibrations transmitted by the suspension of the car and the movement of the body. Since the average consumer would rather be comfortable than take a corner at speed, the lowering springs suspension is designed to favor ride comfort.

In this article, meet the compact system of shock absorbers known as coilover, find out why this system is the most used in competition cars.

Coilover Buffer

The shock absorbers known as coilover allow the installation of the spring in its own set reducing the space required for the installation of these two components and consequently the weight. The advantages of using this type of damper are numerous. Its main advantage over other shock absorbers is the matter of compatibility of the spring / damper assembly.

Advantages of Using Coilover Shock Absorbers

  • Spring installed in the damper itself
  • Allows preload adjustment of spring load
  • Has wheel shift adjustment
  • Often this type of damper has a damping per click or key

What is it?

The name “coilover” is an abbreviation of “helical spring over shock” – a term that describes the visual characteristics and function of the set. Coilover is a more complete suspension set, which acts as a system of different settings that change properties in the direction, such as stability in the curves and the safety and control of the vehicle.

That is, the kit ends up going beyond relegation, bringing adjustments that can be combined to bring a potential improvement in the stability, acceleration and braking of the car. All features of the coilover may vary depending on your model, such as Kit Street, Sport, Drag, Rally and Circuit, for example.


Despite the names they receive, the kits are not just for use on the tracks. Day-to-day use is also very common, because of the exact possibilities of regulation that the coilover brings. The driver of the car can adjust the height of the vehicle (higher, soft and comfortable day to day), the loads (also called hardness) of the shock absorbers and, in some kits, adjust the shifting as well.

That is, the versatility of the coilover allows the driver to have common day-to-day adjustments, as well as track days (lower suspension and more film, with ideal shifting for cornering gain), for example. For these regular changes, the kit is accompanied by a hexagonal wrench that serves to loosen the lock nut and prevent the height from changing while driving.

Conclusion: perfection of kit

Coilover Kit can do much more than just demote the vehicle and reduce ground vibrations. After all, it has many options of adjustments and adjustments of load of the shock absorbers and, in some kits, adjustment of change, offering many possibilities of direction. To use it in the car, the whole original set, called a tower, is removed, which is basically composed of springs, shock absorbers and stops.

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