The suspension on your bike is imperative to its performance and durability. At the very least, you need to invest in regular maintenance and tuning to ensure that it stays it top shape. If you plan to enjoy more intensive activities such as racing, you might even look at replacing the suspension and upgrading to another system. Upgrading your motorcycle wheels or suspension is one of the best ways to boost its power, but should you opt for aftermarket or OEM parts?

Understanding OEM and Aftermarket
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and indicates that the part in question has been made by and for the maker of your bike. When shopping for motorcycle parts online, many buyers assume that OEM is better and more reliable, but it really depends on what you want. When it comes to suspension kits, aftermarket products often offer the following benefits:

  • Better prices: OEM parts often have a higher price tag.
  • Potential modification: If you’re looking to upgrade to a more heavy duty suspension that the original, opting for aftermarket gives you this option.
  • Customize: Aftermarket suspension kits give you the chance to completely upgrade your bike’s system, or if you’d prefer, make a few key changes to boost performance specs.

Making the Choice
If your suspension simply needs replacement and you want the confidence of buying an original part, OEM may be for you. If you’re hoping to actually upgrade your bike’s performance and leverage the opportunity to customize it, though, aftermarket parts will give you that ability. It’s just as important to choose the right retailer as it is to choose the right kind of suspension.

Get your suspension kit and aftermarket or OEM bike parts at the top motorcycle parts and accessories online store. Whether you’re buying a few parts for minor upgrades or overhauling your entire bike, getting your equipment from a trusted source is essential.

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