Did you know that there are over 41 million used cars bought and sold in the USA each year?

Buying a used car has lots of advantages in addition to a lower price. You can choose from a larger range of models and interiors.

However, there are some important questions you should ask. You are likely buying on a budget. For this reason, you may be looking at older cars.

But how old should a used car be? How old is too old?

If you are thinking of buying an older car, read on. You will find tips for buying a used car online that protect you from making a costly mistake.

How Old is Too Old?

The older the car, the more anxieties you will have about its reliability, However, the question is how old is too old?

While all car models differ in their quality and longevity, generally many mechanics point to the 10-year mark as a ballpark figure for the safe use of a car. After this point, rubber parts of the engine can become brittle, and even well-made parts, such as gaskets, will start to show signs of serious wear.

However, in truth, there are many factors that will influence the longevity of a car. Some of these are:


A car may be technically 10 years old. However, for the duration of that time, it may have been owned by an elderly user who simply drove to the store each week. They could not care for the maintenance themselves, so ensured that a manufacturer-approved garage cared for it.

This car is 10 years old but a great option. Look for lower mileage cars like these, even if they are close to the 10-year mark.

Previous User

A car that is 5 years old may seem to be a good deal. However, during those 5 years, the owner may have used the car to learn to drive. Further, he loved to race his friends and attempt amateur drifting.

Within 5 years the car may have aged more than a 10-year-old car. This is one to stay away from.


The climate in some locations is more damaging to a car than others. In some very cold climates, a car’s bodywork may be heavily damaged by the materials used to melt ice on the roads such as salt. This will shorten the lifespan of cars in this area.

If you are interested in knowing what other kınds of problems an older car could have, take a look at the professional advice from Weeklymotor.

Do You Have the Time for Maintenance?

When considering buying a used car online, you need to balance your needs and your budget. However, one other important factor is time.

An older car will require you to take more time for maintenance tasks. If you need a car that will take you from place to place without any holdups, then you should save up more money so that you can purchase a newer car.

However, if you have a little more time on your hands and are at least interested in learning how to perform small remedial tasks on your car, an older cheaper car may work well for you.

What specifically could be the problem with an older car?

Safety Concerns in Older Cars

One of the most important tips for buying a used car online is to consider the safety implications of your decisions.

If safety is a high priority for you, remember that the more expensive the car was original, the better its quality will be. Also, the newer the car will be the safer it is likely to be.

This means that to purchase a safe car you should look for either the newest model you can afford or the car that was most expensive originally.

Safety standards have come a long way in the last few years. Features such as dual-airbags have become a regular part of standard car-equipment. ABS systems are more widespread than ever before.

Each family’s needs may be different. Why not consider what your family’s safety needs are and then decide what safety features you need in a used car.

Reliability of Older Cars

You likely want to spend more time behind the wheel than under the hood. In this case, choose your make of car carefully. Major carmakers can generally provide better guarantees regarding the lifespan of their vehicles than smaller makers.

Even if you do have the time to maintain your car yourself, you should check that parts are still available for your car. If your car was originally released back in the 1990s, it could prove very difficult to find replacement parts.

This could mean that you end up junking your otherwise working car because you were unable to source one small part.


Reliability and safety are the top priorities, but who does not want technology options in their car?

If you live in a state with very cold winters, you may long for a car with heated seats. However, these were only present in luxury cars until about 10 years ago. You will need to search amongst more recent cars for a vehicle with these options.

The same proves true for entertainment systems. You may want to have a system that allows you to connect via USB or Bluetooth. Make sure that you research carefully which brands offer this. Most carmakers only offered this as standard in the last 5 years or so.

How Old Should a Used Car Be? And Other Important Questions Answered

If you are looking for the best way to buy a used car, choosing a second-hand car will bring definite advantages. However, there are some crucial pieces of information you need to find out before you sign.

Sure the price may seem great, but knowing how old should a used car be can protect you from buying something you will need to junk shortly afterward.

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