Extraordinary sport performance is the mark of all vehicles in the M-Series line up of BMW where exceeding expectations twice over are the M4 Coupes and Convertibles. The M4 incorporates state of the art design with shattering performance to write a new story altogether in the auto world.  We scoured for SLO Car Dealerships to experience the adrenalin of riding an M4 and were amazed by some jaw dropping facts and figures given about the BMW M4s which are now much lighter, a tad stronger and even faster. We dug in further to explore the minute details and came across more pleasant surprises offered in the 2019 BMW M4.

Spirited Exterior Design

The exteriors of the M4 are highly spirited, whether you choose the aerodynamically designed coupes or the highly energetic convertibles. One of the main factors for this spirited outlook comes across as the wide range of color options you can choose to get your M4 in and you will be surprised to know that these are all non-metallic though they provide the uniform texture and lustrous end results as in metallic colors. Looking into the details some of the impressive features you get to observe on the exterior is the Shadowline exterior trim, LED headlights, the legacy BMW kidney grille with black twin slats and M4 designation. On the rear you get BMW organic OLED taillights and sport exhaust having quad tailpipes that are chrome tipped. The Coupes come in an Aluminum hood and plastic roof that’s carbon fiber reinforced for extra strength and durability. The convertible on the other hand have a retractable top with power folding and an integrated window defroster. 18-inch ferric grey M V-Spoke wheels are destined to catch your attention and the side mirrors are power folding for added style and convenience.

Intriguing Interiors

Open the doors to the 2019 M4 Coupe and the insides look highly intriguing with purposeful technology positioned all around and appointed with carbon fiber interior trim and black chrome highlights. The upholstery is all Extended Merino leather and includes new age materials that define luxury and style such as Silverstone, Sonoma beige and Sakhir Orange or black inserts. The materials further incorporate sun reflective tech to keep things cool. Seating again is one of a kind and you will be pleasantly surprised that these come with adjustable widths apart from 14-way power adjustable sport front seats with memory for the driver’s seat. The branded interiors all carry the M4 logo and M design elements.

Immersive Infotainment

BMW has chosen to provide nothing but the best audio and sound on the 2019 BMW M4 with the use of Hermann Kardon Surround Sound Audio with 12 speakers having tweeters, bass, channel and mid-range speakers strewn around strategically to give you that immersive infotainment. Keeping in mind you have a convertible, there is a surprise involved which is an Anti-theft AM/FM/CD player that’s RDS enabled.

Sport Packed Performance All that sport packed performance you see on the M4 according to the SLO car dealers is credited to the 425 horsepower BMW M Twin Power engines mated to the 6-speed automatic. Another pleasant surprise offered in the 2019 BMW M4 is the auto start stop function with a track ready cooling system that optimizes the performance.

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