Mazda is a brand name in the industry of automobile that is associated with innovations, and indigenous products related to vehicles, taking the overall driving experience to the next level. Hence, in the field of car safety, Mazda will not lag behind when it comes to contributing new safety technologies in the industry. So, take the example of any Mazda vehicle that has been released in the recent times and you will come to know the Mazda approach towards car and road safety.

Mazda Approach towards Car Safety

An experienced staff whom we met at the Scottsdale Mazda explained that Mazda has analyzed the probabilities and reasons behind collisions and road accidents from the previous records of accidents taken place so far. Mazda also worked hard on anticipating what else can cause an unfortunate and fatal accident. And from their extensive research they have come out with solutions of safety that can be categorized into two parts. One, being the precautionary measures of safety which they call as pre-crash safety standards and the post-collision impact reducing features. While the former focuses on preventing any crash from taking place, the latter is aimed to reducing the impact of damage when a collision got inevitable. Here we will brief on the pre-crash technologies used by Mazda in its latest vehicles.

Smart City Brake Support

Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) is a system that helps the driver in avoiding any probability of frontal as well as rear end collisions while driving at the slow speeds, as it is the most common type of accidents that take place in urban areas because of congested traffic.

The technology is based on a laser sensor which is mounted on the windshield. It has the ability to sense the presence of any car in the front. If it can detect any risk of a collision, it will start preparing the brake system to enable the maximum stopping power as the driver applies the brakes. If the driver fails to take the necessary action like braking or steering away, the system will automatically apply the brakes while reducing the engine output, aiming to avoid the collision in the first place, and then reducing the severity of its impact, in case the collision couldn’t be avoided totally.

Acceleration Control

This is yet another safety system used in most of the Mazda vehicles that curbs down the sudden acceleration especially when the driver mistakenly steps on the accelerator pedal. The system starts operating if the accelerator pedal is pressed with more than its prescribed amount of pressure and time. It will also spring into action if the accelerator is pressed when the vehicle is stationary and if the laser sensor can detect any obstacle in front of it. The system is engineered for checking out sudden acceleration and for curbing down the engine output after sending prompt alerts to the driver through a warning light and sound being displayed on the meter display.

However the expert at the Scottsdale Mazda dealership also emphasized on the fact that none of these technologies should be considered as a replacement for human action, because even if one Mazda car has this system, the cars and things around might not be equipped with such automated safety systems.

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