Toyota’s are long-lasting cars, and preventative maintenance is key to their extended life post-warranty. But should you regularly check before they start to wear? This post provides an overview of some essential steps to keep in mind before taking your vehicle into the shop or dealing with minor issues yourself.

Never skip scheduled vehicle maintenance

Your owner’s manual will have a maintenance schedule. Follow it to the letter, even if you aren’t experiencing problems with your vehicle. The keyword here is ‘preventative.’ If an issue does arise, use this guide to find out what steps need to be taken for your car to be fixed and on the road. Maintain your manual before taking it into any service centre. Many service centres won’t work on vehicles that haven’t been maintained according to manufacturer guidelines. There is no way for them to know how they were cared for previously and whether or not the correct repairs were made. Things like replacing brake pads, rotating tyres and replacing parts should only be performed by someone who knows what they’re doing, like a mechanic at your nearest Toyota service centre.

Read and understand your owners manual

If you own a Toyota, then you are fortunate to have access to one of the best owner’s manuals in existence. This book is your bible for information on all aspects of owning and maintaining your car. Ensure that anyone who drives your vehicle understands the essential points. The manual also has a section on what to do in an emergency and avoid becoming stranded. Don’t skip these sections; they can be lifesavers!

Only buy from dealers who only use genuine Toyota parts

This is an essential point because there are laws to protect your purchase when you buy from a dealer. When parts are sold that aren’t up to proper factory standards (i.e., knock-off brands), it’s the same as if someone gave you stolen property for free and then demanded payment. To prevent bad purchases of dodgy aftermarket products, ensure your dealer only uses genuine Toyota parts and accessories

Why it’s important to check your oil regularly

Your oil and coolant are two of the essential fluids in your car. You need to keep both running smoothly, even over long distances or during hot days. If one or both of the fluids are low, you will be stranded somewhere very soon. If left unattended, low oil and coolant can become dangerous and costly if not caught in time (for example, overheating). All drivers should know how often to check these fluids. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to check. It only needs to be done every few hundred kilometres under normal driving conditions. Your owner’s manual has an easy chart with exact times and distance intervals, so there’s no excuse not to check them!

Consider your fuel octane rating

Petrol is expensive, but it’s also vital to your car. Ensure that everyone in the family knows what octane rating their vehicle requires to use proper fuel when filling up at a petrol station. Doing this will save you money in the long run and prevent damage or even catastrophic engine failure if misused. An example of this is using high octane on some models instead of regular. Your owner’s manual has this information.

In a recent article by Canstar on popular cars in Australia, Toyota topped the list as the most popular car brand for 16 years. There are 3.04 million Toyota passenger vehicles registered in Australia.

Toyota’s are well-loved because they’re reliable, but that’s not without some tender loving care. Every Toyota owner should take the time to understand a few simple things about their Toyota vehicle to ensure its longevity and proper operation. With proper preventative maintenance, who knows how long your Toyota will stay in your family.

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