Ordinary car enthusiasts and car fleets have the opportunity to sell used parts, not merely throw them away. Special companies buy them out, thus assisting in getting rid of unnecessary spare parts with a financial benefit. For example, BMW catalytic converter price is quite high, since it contains precious metals that can be used for further processing.

Funds received from sold used converters can be used to purchase new consumables for vehicles.

How much will a failed converter cost?

The following factors affect the cost:

  • Consideration is given to technical characteristics such as engine displacement since a smaller size implies a small amount of precious metal in the structure.
  • Before delivering the part, it is recommended to make a special analysis to determine the volume of precious metals a particular converter contains.
  • The condition of the catalytic converter affects the cost as well. Parts with dents, mechanical damage, and other defects will be cheaper.

The price is affected by the origin of this ceramic element, the vehicle brand, and the manufacturing company. As you can see from the above, there is no single price set for a used converter. The final cost is announced only after an examination and consultation by experts.

What converters will not be bought out?

Not every converter can be sold for a good price. Some parts can only be accepted as scrap.

The following requirements the buying companies set for converters:

  • the ceramic elements must be separated from the particulate filter;
  • the case and inner part must not be covered with sawdust, asbestos, soot;
  • the converter shall not be wet, the humidity level shall not exceed 2%;
  • if metal elements are damaged, precious metal spattering is estimated almost twice cheaper.

For this reason, it is necessary to immediately take measures to remove and replace the converter if it has failed. The converter wear-out can devalue it. Furthermore, a faulty part is hazardous to the environment, since the harmful exhaust is purified insufficiently.

Experienced technicians recommend the following replacement or substitution options if the converter fails:

  • purchase of a new catalytic converter to make the vehicle comply with strict EU standards;
  • removal of the failed element and subsequent mandatory reflashing of the on-board PC so that the system does not generate an error;
  • installation of a dummy sensor, but in this case, the fuel consumption may increase.

When choosing the option that suits you, keep in mind that simply throwing the converter away will be the wrong decision. Such action is harmful to the environment causing soil and groundwater pollution. The best way is to monitor the exhaust system performance and remove the converter in time avoiding its wear out, so it can be sold at a high price.

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