“Garagiste” is a generic term designating a person managing or working in a garage, such as mechanic, bodybuilder, pump attendant, salesman. Auto repair services are best in the USA and Uk. We have gathered some resourceful Engine Repair Services in Killeen for you.


Repair shops have appeared and multiplied in the world along with the automobile began to become commonplace as of the beginning of the xx th century, from being a very expensive curiosity than good to great consumption, gradually accessible to the greatest number.

The increase in the installed base provided the opportunity to create a new economic model. While the industrialized countries have adapted to the automobile by securing and regulating its use, for example by developing an adapted road network, the need for dedicated maintenance points has grown and “garages” have started to multiply in the region. along roads and in built-up areas.

Many franchised networks of workshops dedicated to vehicle maintenance have developed, they are sometimes specialized ( oil change, replacement of windshields, exhaust or tires ). We can cite First Stop, Point S, Speedy, Midas, Feu Vert, Euromaster, Motrio, Norauto, Roady, Carglass, or Delko.

Work in the auto repair shops

In auto repair shops, or in garages, the tasks performed by mechanics are diverse. These include routine vehicle maintenance (oil changes, adjustments, replacement of wearing parts, in particular, brake linings); engine tests; the replacement of defective parts of the engine, or other parts of the vehicle; maintenance or repair of electrical circuits.

This mechanical work is frequently associated with bodywork work (dent removal, puttying, sanding) and painting work. AC Repair in Kaukauna is believed to be the best in the USA.

Working conditions and environment

Work carried out in-car mechanics workshops, and more generally in car garages, exposes many risks of accidents or illnesses 4. Bodily accidents can result from handling, the use of hand tools, work in inspection pits (falls from a height), cluttering the ground (falls from the same level), etc. Diseases can arise from the various pollutants to which people working in garages are exposed:

  • vapors of gasoline, the exhaust gas including carbon monoxide and smoke Diesel, paint aerosols, sanding dust (inhalation exposure);
  • used engine oils, greases, fuels (dermal exposure).

Among these pollutants, a number are carcinogenic 5, mutagenic, or toxic to reproduction. We must therefore take the necessary measures to protect themselves (among other things, wearing gloves, discharging exhaust gases to the outside, painting work in a ventilated cabin).

Risk assessment consists of identifying the risks to which the employees of an establishment are subject and of listing preventive measures.

IT tools exist to help companies, including the OiRA Garages  [ archive ] (Online interactive Risk Assessment) IT application developed by INRS.

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