Framed in an athletic body that wears a sophisticated design the latest 2019 ChevroletImpala wins the hearts of million onlookers with an impressive performance and loads of features stored under the hood and lots of safety spread around a refined interior cabin. The new 2019 Impala as a full-sized car has many reasons to top the list of favorites for many among which safety is one that cannot be ignored.

So here is a list of the safety features that you can count upon in the 2019 Chevrolet Impala, when you drive one that we received from the Spirit Lake Chevrolet dealer experts.

A Full Set of Airbags

The first step towards car safety that can be achieved through technology is the optimum usage of airbags, in all possible areas. The 2019 Chevrolet Impala has it all. Be it saving the life of the driver, or the passengers, irrespective of where they are seated, the airbags are spread all over in the cabin in strategical places, so reduce the impact of collision, in case it becomes inevitable in spite of all other safety measures installed in the car.

To protect the driver and the front seat passenger there is the front-impact airbags designed in a particular way to protect their heads in the event of a frontal crash. The side impact airbags placed on the either sides of the front and rear seats are made to protect the torso of both the driver and the passenger if the collision comes sideways.  The overhead airbags are to protect the heads and shoulders of all the occupants in the event a collision from any side or in case of a rollover. The Knee airbags areto help protect the lower extremities of the occupants from serious injuries in the event of an accident.

4-Wheel ABS and Disc Brakes

ABS brakes or Anti-Lock Braking system works by automatically sensing when the rotating of a tire has stopped because of extreme braking. After detecting such conditions it will automatically start modulating and adjusting the brake pressure to make the tire rotate again. This in turn aggravates the ability of the vehicle to turn even while braking.

A disc brake on the other hand is a type of brake that make use of calipers to squeeze the pairs of brake pads against a disc or a “rotor” in order to create the necessary friction. This action is meant to retard the rotation of a shaft, liketheaxle of the vehicle, firstly to reduce thespeed of its rotation and then to hold it back in a stationary condition. The energy of motion here gets converted into a waste heat that however needs to be dispersed.

Brake Assist and Stability control

The Stability control system is made to automatically sense the handling limits of a vehicle. It can read when the control of the engine power has been exceeded or been reducedand applies the related brakes to prevent the driver from losing his control on the vehicle.

Other Safety Features

At the Chevrolet Spirit Lake dealership we came to know that apart from the above said major safety features, there are more to add to the list of the 2019 Chevrolet Impala, like the Daytime Running Lights and Child Safety Locks to save the children when they are without supervision at the rear seats.

By Anna