Scania commended the victory of its Scania R 500 in the German Green Truck Award that concentrated on low fuel consumption. The new R 500 prime mover has been upgraded with 13-litre engine for the test that was overseen by the German truck magazines. It backed up on the R 450 of last year win in the same competition.

According to Scania, with an average speed of 79.91 km/h and fuel consumption of 24.92 litre/100 km on the same 350km long test track, the only difference between Scania and the next best competitor was 0.4 litre per 100 km and this amounts to 600 litres in a year.

What is Green truck award all about? According to Wolfgang Buschan, the Scania Trucks long haulage product director, it is a great comparison test due to the fact that it has absolute concentration concerning what matters most to customers from sustainability and cost perspective.

He went on saying “the fact that we won the award again this year is extremely flattering.”

The organizers of The Green Truck Award are two top German trade magazines, Trucker and VerkehrsRundschau.

The trucks that are participating have a gross combination mass of 40 tonnes and they are drivenunder monitored conditions on public roads between Nürnberg and Munich. The average speed and fuel consumption are controlled and the differences in weather, traffic conditions are terminated.