Driving a car requires considerable knowledge and skills from the driver. However, many skills of safe and confident driving come exclusively with experience. As a rule, suburban highways with the numerous traffic lights, interchanges and difficult navigation requires fast reactions from the drivers. However, driving your Toyota Rav4 outside the city is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The speed is higher, as is the likelihood of serious accidents in case of careless driving.

Before you go on a long journey, it is useful to prepare your car. There can be a variety of situations you should be able to cope with.

Once you obtain BMW X, make sure that the tank of your car has a necessary supply of fuel. It is especially important to have a fuel reserve, if you go to sparsely populated regions, as well as places where there are no gas stations. Learn in advance where you will be able to refuel next time.

It is not enough just to obtain BMW X, it is necessary to make sure that your car operates well. Check the condition of tires and pressure in them, check the level of all fluids. Ensure proper operation of the engine and transmission.

Be sure to take a spare tire with you. It is important to ensure the correct pressure in the spare tire too. It is hurt to have a compressor in the trunk for emergency situations.

Prepare a survival kit. You should have drinking water, non-perishable food (for example, nuts and canned food), a blanket, and an extra first-aid kit) in your Toyota RAV4.

Security measures

Always fasten your seatbelt and make sure all your passengers do it as well. Remember that this preventive measure can save your life. Lock the doors. Many modern cars have an automatic door lock function at the beginning of the movement. It ensures the safety of children in the cabin.

Correctly adjust the seat position in your Toyota RAV4.  Do not sit too close to the steering wheel because you can get injured when the airbag is triggered.

Focus on the road. Remember that most accidents happen because of human factor. If you feel tired or sleepy along the way, you should pull over and rest or sleep a little. It is better to arrive to your final destination a little later than planned, but safe and sound. Try to limit the use of electronic devices.


Observe the speed limit. Remember that speeding will make you feel tired faster and can increase the risk of getting into an accident. You need to move with the speed that is comfortable for you, within the limits. When you obtain BMW X, you will surely be tempted to test speed driving, but it is not worth doing it.

Strictly follow the traffic rules. It is necessary to be especially attentive at the unregulated intersections.

As soon as you obtain BMW X, be careful when driving in the countryside. The wild animals appearing on the road out of the blue can pose a great threat to your life. A collision of your car, whether it is BMW X or Toyota RAV4, with such animals is equivalent to an accident with a huge truck.

By Salina Gomez

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