Car accidents are inevitable and surprisingly common in the US. While you’re not legally required to hire a car accident lawyer after a minor accident, you can never go wrong with proper preparation. Regardless of the nature and extent of damage, car accidents are generally stressful.

Not only do you need to consider your health and the medical expenses after the accident,  you also have to make assessments and repairs to the car that got damaged in the accident. If you’re curious about what constitutes a minor car accident or how a lawyer can help you after a car accident in Sacramento, read on to prepare if something similar happens.

What constitutes a minor car accident?

A car accident is considered minor if it causes less damage and injuries to people and properties. Usually, minor car accidents occur at low speeds and create low impact. Therefore, it only results in minor damages to your car – having no significant effect on its ability to run and function – with little to no injuries to the people involved.

However, the factors listed above are not absolute. Still, low-speed, low-impact collisions could cause significant injuries or even death. For example, rear-end collisions can cause whiplash, leading to neck injuries.

Unlike minor car accidents, a significant incident is often associated with high-speed and high-impact collisions. In terms of property damage, it usually results in damages that render the vehicle partially or unusable. For injuries, it leads to serious bodily harm or perhaps even a loss of life.

Why a lawyer is needed for a minor accident 

Not all cases of minor car accidents are settled amicably. Here are some cases where a lawyer is needed.

  • Injuries serious enough that long-term treatment is required
  • Disagreement between involved parties about who’s at fault
  • Disagreement on fair compensation for damages caused
  • Excessive doubt or stress in handling the settlement
  • A need to take the other party to a court of law

Being unable to reach an agreement immediately makes it important for you to have a lawyer who can protect your interests. Claiming for damages from insurance companies is also quite difficult, as they would like to hold out on paying damages unless liability is fully established.

Factors to consider in a minor car accident 

Usually, minor car accidents can be settled between the parties involved without hiring a lawyer or even going to a police station, although both are strongly recommended. If you’re unsure of what to do next following a minor incident, you might want to consider the following factors:

The extent of damages 

Sometimes, there’s always more than what meets the eye. It is more convenient to just file with your or the other driver’s insurance policy, get the vehicle checked for damages, and move on.

However, there are instances where problems arise later. This may come in the form of an injury or a problem with your car that doesn’t immediately present itself after the accident. You would want to keep all bases covered and ensure that you won’t shoulder all the repair and medication expenses coming your way.

Cover possible injuries 

It is easy for some people to disregard pain and bodily harm, especially right after the accident. The shock and adrenaline rush could make you believe that you’re fine. Still, regardless of the nature of the accident, it is important to consult professionals: medical and legal counsel will ensure that everything is on track.

As with your vehicle, your body can sometimes show signs of injuries days or weeks after the accident. It can cause injuries to your head, neck, muscles, and even organs. When these symptoms start showing, the medical bills can start piling up quickly. Immediately settling and accepting payment could waive your legal right to pursue additional compensation for the accident-related injury.

Cover loss of income 

Figuring in an accident causes significant expenses, and you shouldn’t incur these expenses on your own, especially if you have sufficient cause to believe that it was not entirely your fault. You are eligible to receive compensation for your troubles through insurance or a personal injury lawsuit.

Additionally, there are economic damages you can also file for. It includes medical bills, property damages, and even the income you would otherwise earn had you not been in that particular accident. There are also non-economic damages that you might be eligible for, such as undergoing pain and suffering or being rendered incapable of enjoying life.

Final words

Being involved in a car accident, however minor, is not something to be disregarded. It is important to cover all bases and ensure you save yourself from the additional stress on top of the bodily injury and property damage you have to go through. If you ever go through such incident, contact a reliable lawyer right away to get the legal services you need.

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