Most of the car owners have a great affection for their cars. They care so much about the car that they cannot tolerate even a single scratch on their car body. Even if your car body has got scratched accidentally, there is no need to worry. It is not difficult to carry out car paint repair. Paint scratch repair is not difficult if you have the right tools and equipment’s. If it is just a minor scratch, you may do it yourself or get professional help in case of a major scratch. You need not regret if there is a paint scratch since there are ways to repair the car paint scratch.

A car can get 2-3 scratches, but you should be careful the next time you park your car. If you want an easy repair work, you should repair the scratch as soon as it occurs. You do not require too expensive tools for the repair work. Use your fingernails and rest out on the scratch to find if the scratch is deeper or it is just surface level scratch. If it is just surface level scratch, you may use polish thinner or remover to remove the mark. Polishing compound can also be used to get rid of the scratch.

Determine What Kind of Scratch It Is

If you notice any mark on the surface of the car, determine what kind of mark it is. At times, minor scratch appears on the surface when it surfaces rubs with things like plastic, rubber, etc. If the mark is simply due to this, then it is not a scratch and you may remove it by using aerosol tar.

What to Do When the Scratch Is Deeper?

Car paint repair is still easy if the scratch is deeper. Wash the section with soapy water and leave it for some time. For a red color car, you may use shoe polish in order to fix the scratch and to mend the scratch, white color shoe polishis used. After you apply the shoe polish, use sandpaper to smooth the surface. Use a brush to eliminate all traces of dirt. Next, you may apply a body compound and leave like that till the surface hardens. After the surface is hard, apply the primer paint and leave for drying. Lastly, use a touch-up brush to apply finishing coat of paint. The paint touches up must suit the car.

Steps to Car Paint Repair for Medium Scratches

There may be a scratch on the car surface that went to the deeper level but did not reach the primer. This is called a medium scratch. Use a fine sanding paper in order to sand the portion. You may either opt for dry sanding or wet sanding. When the surface of the car is completely smooth, spray one coat of paint and give it time for drying. Follow the instruction manual or the label to know about the drying time.

Steps to Repairing the Deep Car Scratches

To fix the deep car scratch, you need to use more number of steps. If you find any trace of rust, use the sandpaper to smooth the surface. Low grit sandpaper will be the best option. Apply the coat of primer and let it dry. When the surface is dry, you need to use 600 grit sandpaper. Prior to applying wax, you must wait for 30 days.

Repairing car paint scratch is easy and may be done at your home if you have some knowledge. If you are not sure of the same, you can take help of car professional assistance. The painter may also repaint the panel entirely to give a new look to the car.

By Salina Gomez

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