For those who buy cars more for style and comfort, the choice of brands for them differs from the rest of the crowd. The options to choose from the range of brands also stand limited from those who choose vehicles mainly for utility purpose. Genesis is one such brand name that is known for its innovative styling and defining comfort, since it branched out from its mother concern Hyundai. For 2019 year Genesis has got a prominent lineup of its already popular luxury models like G70, G80 and G90. When we visited the Willow Grove Genesis dealer, the sales team started with the 2019 Genesis G70 model, which caught our fancy at that very moment, and we thought of sharing with you, the level of styling and comfort we witnessed in this model.

Superior Styling

Standing on 19 Inch Alloy Wheels, the 2019 G70 stood with a stance that cannot be ignored. At the Belt Line the Satin Chrome Molding will catch your eyes for a while. The Chrome Radiator Grille and the Solar Glass make a combined effect of attractiveness that is hard to resist while the Puddle Lamp with the artistic Genesis Logo makes the signature appeal complete. The LED light package with BI-Functionality includes pairs of LED Head Lamp with Dynamic Bending light with LED Positioning Lamp, Rear Combination Lamp, Fog and Luggage Lamp. The optional Acoustics Laminated Windshield and the Widely Tilted and Sliding Sunroof add to the glory of the 2019 Genesis G70.

The Inside Comfort Zone

As you step inside the cabin of the 2019 Genesis G79, a warm, cozy comfort zone will immediately make you feel at home. The Genuine Leather Seats, the Front and Rear Power Seats both for the Driver and Passengers with Memory Seat for the Driver prove that Genesis never takes comfort as a second priority.

The cabin is Split into 60:40 ratio for the rear seats after folding them down. The rear passengers can sit with luxury as Genesis provides them Rear Seat Armrests with Cup Holders. Both the Front and Rear Seats are ventilated and heated, while the passengers are given the option to use a Walk-in Device.

Features for your Convenience

If you are taking a ride in the 2019 G70 from Genesis, you can be rest assured of the comfort level that not many luxury cars in this segment could have provided you. Our test drive at Willow Grove Genesis made us feel that each feature in the G70 speaks that Genesis cares for you, when you are away from home. Be it the Genuine Leather Steering and the TGS Knob for the driver, the Front and Rear Center Console with a dynamic Storage Box, the Luggage Net or the LED Map Lamp with Sunglass Case, you get everything ready to keep your stuff with proper care. The front seat passenger need not turn back each time to speak to the rear seat passengers any more in this luxurious 2019 G70. A Conversation Mirror will keep the conversations on while the Pin or Mood Lamp will set the ambience right for you.

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