The last few years the industry of automotive has taken a big leap in terms of technological advancements controlling almost every aspect of a vehicle, starting from safety to comfort, from navigation to entertainment, from assisting drivers to maintain traffic rules.

So, it won’t be surprising to know, that even the car care services will advance as well with the help of latest technologies. Especially, the service centers used by the leading automotive brands have initiated the process of using high end machinery to service the cars today. In our case, we got to see such technological mechanisms for car care in our nearby Chevrolet service center and our experiences were exciting enough to share with you.

To Achieve More Professionalism

As the the automotive repair and service is increasingly becoming a lucrative profession, that requires highly technical skills, the field cannot afford to run all its procedures with the olden day techniques, that relied a lot on manual skill and labor. With more and more contribution of computing, the profession of car care services has now turned into a sophisticated field of work, where you see less grease and more of technical devices on the hands of the mechanics. From the consumer’s end again, the car owners feel more solace in handing over their car to a service center that rely more on high-end machinery to repair their cars than using their manual labor.


Today computers are used extensively in automotive industry. It helps diagnose the issues of a vehicle. In the auto repair shops the role of computers is to help diagnose the issues of any vehicle.

Vehicle Lifts

To perform the essential inspection tasks and to diagnose the issues in a car, the modern car care service centers use lifts to raise the height of vehicle for easy access to its undercarriage and other hard to reach places. It is also used for car wash.

Engine Hoist

To address serious engine issues of a car, the removal of the engine from the car is necessary. For this an engine hoist is appointed in the car care centers, that help in all engine repairs and replacement of its components.

Brake Lathe

For executing car brake jobs, older day mechanics used to use rotors or drums, which was quite an expensive item. Today, the brake lathe machines are a much affordable option replacing this earlier tool. It makes all the tasks of brake repair services much more efficient and takes lesser time.

High Capacity Jacks

Many modern auto repair shops use high capacity jacks to raise the vehicles temporarily. These ultra-strong floor jacks made of high quality materials are used on a regular basis to support the vehicle after it is elevated. These also include Pole jacks that are made to support car axles and other major components that are difficult to reach.

Air Compressor

Air compressor is a part that is required in any modern car care service center to manage other tools. Ideally, a 60 or 120-gallon compressor is the most commonly used mechanism used in the reputable places like the Seaside Chevrolet service.

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