The popularity of EVs is increasing every day, as the automakers are making these vehicles as competent as the regular gasoline cars, and in some cases like the 2020 Nissan Leaf, the efficiency and feature count many even leave many of the regular cars behind.

As learned from the Terre Haute Nissan dealer, the 2020 Leaf is an EV from Nissan that now comes with many more features than its previous year models.

The year 2020 has brought it a standard 8.0-inch touchscreen on the infotainment section, front and rear automatic emergency braking on the safety side and the range of base models have doubled the feature count and that too for a price, that is surprisingly low.

Features You Get at the Base S Models

The 2020 Nissan Leaf S is powered by a 40-kw lithium-ion battery loaded under its hood that alone can run the vehicle at a stretch of 149 miles, as rated by the EPA. That being the most lucrative option for an EV, the 2020 Nissan Leaf is currently leading its segment of cars in this respect, making many of its rival models lag behind in the track.

The Base model of the 2020 Nissan Leaf named as S , now is more equipped in respect of its price range than the rest of the trim levels which now comes with the advantage of front and rear automatic emergency braking, apart from the newly installed 8.0-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment section that works in tune with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Other features added to its list of standard packaged includes a premium cloth upholstered cabin that seats for five, 16-inch wheels, a 6.0-kwh onboard charger and many more.

Nissan claims that this base model of 2020 Leaf can be recharged with a Level 2 charger in only eight hours, while on a household plug a full charge will take about 35 hours. For those who can afford a quicker charger can replenish the battery usage from 0 to 80% in mere 40 minutes.

Upgrading Options

There is a 62-kwh battery kept available for the 2020 year lineup of Nissan Leaf that can cross a distance more than 220 miles on a single electric full and comes with a standard quick-charger. According to the Terre Haute Nissan dealership staff, this uprated battery package however has joined the Nissan Leaf lineup in the last year itself and continues this year lineup as well.

The second up trim level of Nissan Leaf named as SV costs now adds features like 17-inch wheels, and adaptive cruise control on the technology side, the creature comfort list counts a leather-wrapped steering wheel, an advanced navigation system, an all-weather comfort package that includes heated seats and steering wheel, a heat pump for climate control and a more powerful 62-kwh battery for the Leaf SV hatchback models.

The next higher SL trim of 2020 Nissan Leaf adds up a leather upholstered cabin with heated seats and steering wheel, a Bose audio system, and a special ProPilot Assist on the safety side to help the driver keep the vehicle maintain its track on its lane.

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