The front of your truck can really take a beating during a long commute or off-road adventure. Instead of cruising with a dirt-, dent- and scratch-covered front end, find out how to protect your truck. Check out the benefits of a Fia grille cover, grille guard and other aftermarket solutions for your truck.

Reducing or Eliminating Potential Damage

One of the most important reasons to consider an aftermarket truck front upgrade is to reduce the amount of damage in the event of a collision. You shouldn’t expect a Black Horse grille guard to completely absorb the impact in a serious collision, but it can shield your grille, headlights and bumper from some damage.

This is particularly true in a low-speed impact situation. If you’re driving on a two-track and drive into a tree branch or glance off a boulder on the side of the road, a guard may be all it takes to avoid a shattered headlight or punctured grille.

Finding the Right Accessory for Protection

The right accessory depends on the type of protection you’re looking for. An F150 brush guard offers wrap-around protection for your headlights, grille and the rest of the front of your truck. A bull bar or grille cover, however, offers more focused protection for less cost.

Choose a grille cover if you’re more worried about small stones, flying dirt and insects rather than a major or minor collision. These versatile covers are also designed to protect your engine compartment in the winter by shielding it from freezing temperatures.

Bull bars offer a balanced look and level of protection. They don’t protect your headlights but include a sturdy bar that covers your grille in the event of an impact.

Maintaining the Value of Your Truck

Any of these front-end protection accessories can help you maintain the value of your vehicle. Even minor dents, dings and scratches can affect the resale value and lifetime of a truck. Don’t let a few small stones crack your grille cover or a minor bump with another vehicle to shatter a headlight.

All of these accessories are easy to install with just a few basic tools. You may need an extra set of hands, especially for full brush guards. Simply follow the installation instructions and connect your chosen accessory using the included hardware.

Improving Its Style and Personality

A grille guard, bull bar or another front-end accessory can also add major style points to your daily commuter or off-road vehicle. Just like a lift kit or light bar, a grille guard shows off your personality and gives your ride an aggressive, take-on-the-world look. Most accessories are available in powder-coated steel, aluminum or a blend of the two materials and colors.

Explore Brush Guards and Grille Covers Online

From a budget-friendly grille cover to the maximum protection of a grille guard, shop online to find competitive rates and name-brand options on the components you need. Protect the front of your truck from the hazards of the road, job site and off-road trail with one or more of these highly rated products.

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