The armor of cars covers as many possibilities as you need as a user. In this article you will know the characteristics of the different types of car armor that exist, so you can give your whole family peace of mind.

Types of glass for car armor

Before choosing the rest of the protections, you must choose the type of glass:

Transparent glass: They allow you to maintain the functionality of the car. However, this is a double-edged advantage, since you can circulate without everyone knowing that it is an armored car, but a potential criminal will not know that it is armored and can attack.

Opaque crystals: They are the ones that come to mind when you think of an armored vehicle. The armor of cars In its opaque mode it is essential for different reasons. First of all, in this way it is not possible to identify who is traveling inside the vehicle. In the event that there is some kind of threat or valuable objects are visible, opaque crystals can hide them. On the other hand, it can also be very beneficial for potential robbers to see that the vehicle is armored, that way, if they have to choose someone to make an attack, they will quickly discard the vehicle that has opaque crystals. When it comes to the armored G Wagon car then it is for sure that you will be able to have the best options now.

Armored cars against existing insecurity

Once you are clear about the types of crystals, you must understand the shielding itself. Be clear that the characteristics of the armor of cars will depend on the situation you face. We go with each of the possible scenarios:

Common or urban crime: attacks made with short arms. In this case, the fundamental element is ballistic steel to cover the body of your vehicle. It would also be advisable to protect areas such as the cargo drawer or posts with this material. In case the danger is very high, we recommend the installation of branched fibers, composed of aromatic polyamide that, thanks to their resistance, are used in military or aerospace vehicles.

Organized crime: here we are talking about major words. We refer to the planned attacks in which the vehicle is a fundamental element of the offensive. Long weapons are the most used in these actions. However, car armor is also prepared for these situations. In this case, the ballistic steel that covers the body is reinforced and multilayer crystals are installed, much more resistant. It is also recommended that you install an intercom system. In the event of an attack, the pilot and the co-pilot can report quickly. The wheels are reinforced with safety rings, the fenders or the battery and the fuse box of the car.

Kidnappings or attacks: If you are a user of armored vehicles, you may be a well-known person with high responsibility, such as the president of a country. To all the elements explained above, it is added that the floor of the vehicle supports the impact of two grenades, in addition to the reinforcement of all the elements explained.

The armor of cars presents a wide range of opportunities for those who decide to use it. Before installing the one that suits you, you must think about the real dangers you face. Although some of these elements are expensive, the feeling of security is second to none.

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