When vans become old and scrappy, they become a burden on your shoulders as well as the environment’s. An old van will burn more fuel and hence excrete more carbon dioxide into the air leading to an increase in the various kinds of pollution harming our Earth.

At a time like this, trashing it and letting it make its way to landfills is the worst possible decision you could make because that would only harm the environment more. The better decision is recycling.

Companies like We Buy Car For Cash take pleasure in taking on this responsibility for you.

How is handing your van over to us beneficial for the environment?

Our Car Recyclers, recycle every possible part of your vehicle so that next to nothing is trashed:

  • The steel and other metals from the van are sold to the steel making industries. These industries save a lot of energy because of this steel provided. In fact, around 14 million tons of steel is sold to steel mills from scrapped cars every year. Also, around 85 million barrels of oil are also saved annually because of this provision of steel by us.
  • Companies that deal in electronics also benefit from us. We sell the alternators, infotainment systems and other electronic modules present in the van. The company thus, can now spend more time in doing something creative and lesser time in making the new system.
  • Car manufacturing companies buy spare parts from us. This helps them put a car together in lesser time with the same market value.
  • The chemicals like the coolant, air conditioning refrigerant, gasoline etc. are sold to the chemical industry to be put to use. The mercury and sodium azide (used in air bags) are removed from the van before crashing it because of how harmful it is for the environment. These too are sold to the chemical industry that can put them to a better use.

This recycling saves up useful time and energy for many more industries and help make the Earth a more green and breathable place. After all, the Earth is our only place to live in (yet).

So if you are thinking of a getting rid of your van, look no further. We Buy Car For Cash is the company who understands their responsibility to the environment and to you. We offer upto $6000 cash for your cars Melbourne wide and we don’t care if it doesn’t even work anymore.

By Salina Gomez

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