You may already know that when you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you can definitely save a lot of your hard-earned money. Pre-owned vehicles can be as much as 50% less than a new car, and you can benefit from some excellent financing options and warranties as well. Plus, you don’t have to deal with gap insurance, which is usually only required for new cars. But what else should you know about the benefits of buying used? There are many more benefits which you may not have even thought about – or know – that can influence your decision to go for a used car instead of a new one. If you still haven’t made up your mind but would like to be more confident about your decision, here are the little-known benefits of purchasing a used vehicle.

  • A lower registration fee

While it will depend on the state where you reside, it’s generally cheaper to register an older car than a new one. If you’re lucky, you will live in a state where the registration fee is lower based on the age of the car and its value. Aside from the registration fee, there are states which also charge taxes per year, which may also depend on the age of the car. Depending on your state, your registration fee can be lower once the car reaches three years old, and it levels off even more once the car is five years and older.

  • An asset which can last longer

If you have noticed, no one sells vehicles with odometers with five digits any longer, and the reason for this is that cars can last longer than before. When you buy a used vehicle, you can be sure that it will give you good value for your money because it is literally designed to last longer, and you can still have your prospective purchase checked by a mechanic, although most of the good car dealerships, such as the Young Automotive Group, will make sure to inspect a used car before selling it so it adheres to high standards and expectations.

  • Take advantage of a vehicle history report

When you purchase a used vehicle, you can take advantage of another thing: a vehicle maintenance history report. If you are seriously considering a used vehicle, you can get a vehicle history report from various sources so you can get a detailed and accurate record of the car you are thinking of purchasing. This means that you can get information on how many times the vehicle has changed ownership, if it has ever been in an accident, if it has ever received any repair work, etc. Of course, the incident would have to be properly reported so it can show up in the history report, but at the end of the day, a vehicle which has any bad reports can prevent you from making a bad decision.

  • A helpful and useful after-market base

One other advantage of buying a used car is that you can make use of a helpful and useful after-market base and community. You should be able to find a community of car owners of the same used car you have, and you can ask as many questions as you want and find detailed answers to your most pressing concerns. And while the market for new cars is continuously handling setbacks and even recalls, you will often find that the most common issues regarding used cars will already have been answered and resolved.

By Salina Gomez

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