When you hand in your car for servicing or repair at any garage, you know that you are placing the garage in a position of responsibility for your vehicle. In other words, you are placing your trust in that garage and hoping that they do a good job – and to be honest, the best job that they could! But it’s not easy for anyone to trust a garage outright – there have been many horror stories over the years of garages not fulfilling their part of the bargain. Luckily, some signs tell you if a garage is worthy enough to be trusted – and if it will do a good job. So what criteria do you need to look for to ensure that the garage you choose has the right experience, expertise, know-how, and trustworthiness? Here are the top things to consider when seeking out a garage service.

  • Years of experience

Granted, it is something you should look for with virtually any service – but even more with a service garage. There is more to it than merely looking for a garage that’s been in operation for ten years or more – if the garage has been running for a long time, that’s all well and good – but if it has a mechanic that has been with it for that same period, it says something positive about how the garage is run and how it treats its mechanics. A mechanic that has been around as long as the garage has existed will know what your vehicle needs at first glance, as they (correctly enough!) have seen it all before.

  • Good reviews online – and offline

In today’s world, most everyone is online – even your car garage. They will probably have some reviews online that you can check, and you just have to find the right website with independent reviews and comments. Of course, you still have to check offline – so ask for recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues who might have a good garage in mind. Don’t underestimate good recos offline as it gives you an idea of local garages. Also, try searching for ‘RAC approved garages near me‘ – it will narrow your search even further. A RAC-approved garage is a good thing because they will have made sure to follow the best standards in car servicing and maintenance.

  • A reasonable and fair price

Another aspect you should consider is the price. Unfortunately, garages are well-known for hiking up prices even if they just do a regular check-up, so be mindful of this trap and look for a garage that will be honest about the price – and the exact work or repair your car needs. On the other hand, a too inexpensive price is sure to raise eyebrows as well, so do your research and ensure it is a balanced and reasonable price. Of course, it wouldn’t do to have too expensive a garage, either, as you might get the same service and value for less. Again, look for an excellent service with a fair price – so gather and compare different garages and choose the one that’s honest and most suitable for your needs.

  • Clean and well-organised

There’s something admirable about a clean and well-organised garage – it says a lot about the people running it. So although it’s impractical to find a garage that’s too neat, it wouldn’t hurt to find one that maintains a good level of organisation and cleanliness.

By Salina Gomez

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