The price of new cars is increasing day by day but their depreciation rate is way higher. As a result, people are turning to buy used cars rather than the new ones. Although purchasing a used car may seem to be a good option, you need to be careful while buying it.

Check the interior and exterior of the car

The exterior, as well as the interior of the car, has a major role to play in its maintenance. You should check the interior upholstery and the exterior if any repairs are to be done. You should not purchase any car without research. You must see if the externals are repaired professionally or well-maintained. Also, the engine plays a crucial role in the car so you must keep a check on it too. If any parts are rusted or dirty it might indicate problems in the car functioning.

Have a test drive

Before you purchase a used car, you should go for a test drive on the local roads as well as the highways. The car also performs differently on different roads. Regular roads you travel through will give you an idea of how your car would function on steep and sharp turns. This determines the condition of the brakes. The trip on the highway determines a smooth functioning of the engine. If you’re taking a test drive, you should keep a check on the functioning. Also, see if the engine makes unusual noises on coming to a halt.

Ask a mechanic to check it

Many people tend to ignore this while purchasing a used car. Not consulting a mechanic before buying a car can lead to a huge loss. If the professional mechanic checks your car, you can have an idea of the problems that may come on the way. They help you in finding out the ‘hidden’ problems of the car. A mechanic may also help you in finding the value of the car. They might also give you the right value you should buy it in so that you don’t pay extra.

Ask for a vehicle history report

A vehicle history report can totally assist you in finding out the problems associated with the car. It helps you understand the service points, former accidents, history of ownership and much more. The various dealers can offer the vehicle history report. Also, you can order the report online. You can purchase the reports from websites like CARFAX.

Look for Certified Pre-Owned vehicle

It is always better to buy a pre-owned vehicle since better quality assurance is offered. Also, this kind of vehicle is available at many car dealers. There are chances that the car dealers may offer you extra warranties. These warranties come with coverages that may extend beyond the certified time period.

Whenever you are buying a used car, you need to be very careful. You can refer to check the used car parts from to ensure proper research. Although, it can appear to be a convenient choice, sometimes if proper research isn’t done, it can prove to be expensive.

By Anna