Car battery holds a very important place for those who have once faced battery shutdown of their car. When a car’s battery fails to start the car it often creates frustration. To keep out of this situation many people prefer keeping battery charger with them.

There is wide range of batteries available to choose from, if you planning to buy car battery in Dubai. This article will let you know what is a car battery charger? Does it charge car batteries the right way? Is it a complicated process? Well, to start with, there are literally hundreds of models of chargers to perform in different situations. You can determine your type by the situation for which you want to buy.

  • The reason for buying the battery

You should first decide with the reason you are going to buy a battery for. Are you looking for a charger or you need just an emergency start-up which kick-start your car once when it stands still? For emergency, there are jump starters which are a battery in themselves which can charge your low car batteries when it ditches you in the middle of a road. While Battery chargers are for those who want to maintain their battery regularly. These are good for the home where you can plug in and charge the battery or maintain the charger with house current. If you are looking for battery charger this article is just for you. Let us dig a little deeper.

  • Battery Power and Size

Selection of a battery also depends on which type of vehicle you do you have. Is it a truck, a car, a tractor or a boat? It helps you determine what kind of device will be perfect for your battery, according to its size and power. The large battery needs 12 volts while a small one needs 6-volt applications. Nowadays, you can get the best home chargers at affordable prices and handles both 6- and 12-Volt applications.

  • Battery Chemistry

The car batteries are mostly made up of lead-acid batteries with lead plates in an electrolyte solution. You just need to make sure that whether they are standard lead-acid, Deep cycle, AGM, or Gel Cel. Get to know the type of the battery you need and nothing rest is needed to be understood. You should know the type so that you can choose the right charger as not all chargers work for the other battery types except the lead-acid batteries.

  • Fully Automatic

There are different types of battery chargers. Some are manual while some are automatic charging. There are fully automatic chargers also available. These chargers automatically detect when the battery is fully charged and switch themselves to float mode. This saves the battery from overcharging. Most of the quality chargers have this feature in them.

  • Easy to Use

Don’t just go for the chargers which are fully automatic. Make sure they aren’t the one that is fully automatic with minimal adjustment. Choose the car batteries that are easy to handle as well. There are various types of battery chargers such as heavy or light, large or small, bulky or easy to carry. Look for the portable ones with handles to carry them for your convenience.

  • Safety First:

There are many battery chargers with safety features available. These are a few features you should check:

  1. Wrong cable warning: There is a safety feature which can warn you if you have hooked the wrong cable in the post. This can be very risky as it can cause a spark which can lead to an explosion due to ignition of gas around it.
  2. Spark Proof Clamps – There is always a risk of sparking while connecting the charger clamps. There are several battery chargers available which are spark proof and prevents any kind of spark when you connect the clamps. These chargers have this safety feature inbuilt in them.
  3. Battery Tester – Detecting the health of your battery time to time is recommended if you want to stay away from the battery failures. There are times when your battery gets a sulphate covering over its plates and loses its ability to accept the full charge. The chargers with the battery tester feature can detect this problem in advance and alert you before it’s too late.

All these points will help you conclude which battery charger you should go for. Having a battery charger will not only enhance your car battery life but also prevents you from getting into a troubling situation.