Are you an auto mechanic that loves your job? Do you aspire to open your own mechanic shop instead of just working for someone forever? If so, don’t let your dreams pass you by. This goal is attainable and doesn’t need to seem overwhelming. Once you’ve gained enough experience and feel ready to strike out on your own, there are several steps you can take to make this a straightforward process.

Choose a Good Location

After making the decision to open your own shop, figure out where you want it to be. Keeping your budget in mind, tour different locations to determine exactly what is right for you. Make sure it’s in the right area of town and has enough room for your business to grow, but is still affordable. A realtor can help you in this process.

Order the Necessities

Once you’ve found your location, it’s time to stock your business. Think about what types of machinery and equipment you’ll need, but also verify that you have the right parts in stock. You might need diesel parts, brake pads, or tires, depending on your specialty. Consult other mechanics and resources to figure out exactly what supplies you need to have on hand.

Hire a Good Staff

When you open your business, you’ll want to have good people around you. Take time when you hire your staff, being careful not to forego background checks and reference checks. Having a good staff, ranging from the administrative assistant to the mechanics, will help your business garner a good startup reputation, thereby setting you up for success in the long run!

Opening your own mechanic shop is an exciting step, but it’s important to be careful in the process. If you choose the right location, stock your business well, and hire great people, you’re sure to get off to a great start..


This is one among the foremost important components of beginning any business, including a mechanic look. But it’s conjointly the one issue that several entrepreneurs hate doing.If you’re one of those that hates marketing, we perceive. After all, your specialty area is automobile repair, not marketing.

However, if you don’t master marketing, you won’t be in business long.

For starters, hang up promoting fliers around the town, and offer competitive discounts on oil changes and common repairs for your gap day or 1st week in business.Also, don’t forget to create a social media profile and promote your new business on-line. This is one among the simplest ways to draw new customers and maintain relationships with existing customers these days.

It may even be a decent plan to speak to previous customers or perhaps staff for testimonials that you simply will promote on your web site. This is particularly crucial if you are doing not have business certification.

Hold Interviews

You’ll probably would like to rent a minimum of 1 employee to handle your client service responsibilities and phonephone calls. In addition, hiring a couple of mechanics is also wise if you have got two lifts and need to maximise the business’s capability.Be sure to start out your hiring method a minimum of 1 month before gap your doors. You’ll need lots of time to search out and choose high candidates, verify references and negotiate your prospective employees’ compensation packages.

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