The ride sharing apps are no doubt most popular and easiest to start with, they offer services at your door steps but what you must be looking for is a comfortable safe ride. Toronto Limo Rental Company has its own fleet of limousines and other latest cars and offer you the best comfortable and safe services at your door step and on the time of your need. Above all the ride sharing apps do not offer professionally trained drivers or do not guarantee the customer’s safety. We have gathered few major differences which you must keep in mind while renting a ride back home or going to work.

Insufficient Vehicle Requirements

To become a driver in uber or lyft you just need to own a four wheel car and nothing more, most vehicles are above a decade old and need continuous repair and maintenance. So any one can drive and this raises lots of questions for the passenger’s safety, comfort and being treated professionally. You can get into a wrong vehicle or if your worst nightmare comes true then might end up riding with a fake driver. There are hundreds of cases globally which ended up in a bad situation just because of such ride sharing apps, as the name itself is really dangerous it tells it all.

Fake Drivers

There are very high chances that an uber driver gives his car to someone else and he can drive it through the city on his license and account, which is not only illegal but also really dangerous if you really think about it. You may have gotten lots of warnings about strangers on the internet but you must be aware of the strangers in real life and should proceed with caution. You must identify your Uber driver before getting into the vehicle and confirm you are riding with the same guy you booked your vehicle with or you can choose to delete the app once and for all and book a safer luxurious ride which have professional divers and have a really tough hiring process for their staff.

Trust a Stranger while commuting

When you confirm a ride with such apps like Uber and Lyft then you are taking a risk of trusting a stranger, during the commute and even after that you don’t know each other and most likely never see each other again. The random process of finding an uber leads you with completely different driver each time. While with luxurious rental services you can meet the chauffeur well in advance to build a reputation and also to be familiar with one another. Also if if you have a great experience with a certain driver then you can request them to be your driver in future trips. So instead of having a stranger every time you can have the peace of mind of having a professional chauffeur you know and trust. Because the safety and care of customers is the first priority of the chauffeur and the company.

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