Saving on auto parts by investing in the used/second-hand ones is an excellent way of cutting costs. At times used parts are just as good as brand-new parts. It completely depends upon how long that particular part has been used. If you look in the nearby stores you will see some used auto partsthat will help you to fulfill your purpose. The quality is a significant aspect to consider while purchasing an auto part. In some cases, like fixing it up in classic cars, buying used auto parts makes sense. You can purchase the auto parts online as well as offline. Another approach you can try is a local swap meet. Do not forget to bargain and check the quality before finalizing the piece. This is an important tip.

Apart from these, below are some more important tips you need to follow.

Types of junkyard

There are two types of junkyards: a full-service junkyard and a u-pull-it junkyard. In a full-service junkyard, you can easily reach the yard, order your desired part and the executives will hand it over to you whereas in the u-pull-it yard you have to dig the entire stock or the inventory of pulled car parts. If you go for one fixed part and find something better from that auto parts yard, then this approach will help.


The scrap yards salvage or dismantle the cars and pick theused car partsthat are in good condition. The executives clean it, charge reasonably to the buyers and give them a quality product. Check the quality of the spare part and determine whether it would be of use or not.

Finding what you want

Before you buy a used auto part, ask if there is a return or exchange policy or not. Many companies provide it. If something goes wrong after your purchase you will get a refund or an exchange for the part.


A good auto parts dealer will keep things transparent. Ask about the history of the junk auto parts like from which vehicle this part was taken, how long it has been used, the manufacture date of the part, and a few other relevant questions. This information allows you to better decide whether it is worth investing in or not. If you feel that the information given is false or not complete, then look for another dealer.

Customer service offered

The customer service standards vary from yard to yard. Go for the one you feel will provide good service. A good service junkyard makes all the work easy and better for you. In a good service yard, you do not have to segregate the bunch of all the dirty parts or try to dismantle the car engine on your own and check whether the parts are suitable or not. When you visit a u-pull-it-yard, the store representative will take you to the right place and allow you to hunt the junkyard and find the used car parts of your choice. 

Types of parts

There are an end number of auto parts available in the junkyard, but parts like belts, filters, and hoses should be purchased brand new. It is advisable that as long as an auto part has not completely degraded, rusted, collapsed, or damaged do not spend unnecessarily on the used auto parts. These auto parts could be engine parts, gauges, electrical wiring, or running auto parts.

Ask about the warranty

Clarify your doubts regarding the warranty statements in the first meet. Do not pay or finalize any item until you are clear with the conditions of the warranty and its provision. Ask them if they provide an extended warranty period after the purchase. If you find something doubtful, clarify it with the representative. Be sure to read and understand whatever the seller is trying to convey as they can be very cunning towards their purchasers. The auto salvage yards in Virginia have to work ethically and meet the needs of their customers. The company working illegally might face trouble sooner or later.  

Wear and tear of the parts

When a car goes to the junkyard it is either dead or will be dismantled. The car parts could be old or not used for a long period of time. In order to find that out, ask an expert mechanic to accompany you for choosing the right auto parts. 

Following these tips will make you a confident buyer and help you crack the deal wisely. In the case of auto parts, only the bold ones buy the old ones.

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