When you are heading towards buying a used car, you need to inspect the car with care and some professional skill. That will help you save a lot of pain in the long run, leading you buy the best car with least issues to worry about.

Apart from the history reports, you need to invest in some time and money on a qualified mechanic who can check all the mechanisms of the car, that might not get exposed to the eyes of a layman. But in case you cannot arrange for a mechanic while seeing the car, we can help you with some tips and tricks that can save you from getting trapped into a wrong purchase. We have learnt these tips and tricks from the sales staff of our nearby Des Moines used car dealer. We found them making real sense and hence wanted to share them with you.

Look for Rust Affected Areas

The most common issue that makes a used car a risky purchase is rust. Hence one of the most important thing you need to look for during the inspection of a used car, is any area that is affected with rust. This is important because rust is known to be a sure signal that this car won’t be as good a purchase as it seems to be. If you find any, either it is better to move away, or you can bargain the price down to a significant level, as you’ll have to spend a lot of money on repair work almost immediately.

While on an older car, there can be some rust visible on the surface, which is considerable, but if it is a recent year model, the appearance of rust is indicative of either an ill maintained car or an effect of driving in harsh weather.

Rust is an expensive issue to be fixed, and it is an ever growing one that will keep spreading to bigger circumference over time getting worse. So it is almost a clean recommendation, to choose a car that is corrosion-free and is away from rust.

Damaged Components

Whether you bring with you a mechanic or going to inspect the used car yourself before making the final deal, you should be aware of the car parts that are necessary for the car to run safely. If you find any of the parts damaged or missing, the rule of the thumb is not to go for it and look for the next car in the queue.

Weird Noises

While test driving the car, if you hear some unusual noises like a clicking or knocking sound, it is a clear indication, that the car is no good for you. these kinds of noises are indicative of a damaged engine compartment with some mechanical fault which can only be fixed with a costly replacement. Hence, there’s no point in buying a used car that will anyway squeeze out a lumpsum amount of money from your wallet rather than making transportation easier and cheaper for you.

The experts of the Des Moines used car dealership suggested, if you keep in mind the above said tips you can safely go ahead with the purchase of a used car at a price you can afford.

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