Top 3 Car Care Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Best Condition

December 12, 2017 admin | Comments Off

Taking good car care is not as hard as it seems. Not necessarily you have to hire a professional mechanic every time to maintain the excellent condition of your car. By sticking with the below tips you will be able to keep your car in great condition:

Tip 1 – Change the Air Filter Every Year

It is always suggested to change the air filter of a car after 12,000 miles of driving, or after a year, whichever occurs first. You can pay your mechanic for changing this or also can do it on your own. It will not take more than 10 minutes to replace the air filter.

Tip 2 – Change Spark Plugs after 30,000 Miles

It has been found that spark plugs are needed to be changed after every 30,000 miles (approximately) of driving. Changing the spark plugs is a hard job but you have to put the replacement in the correct order. You can also come to us as our professional mechanics will be happy to change your car’s spark plugs and they will also check if your car needs some other changes.

Tip 3 – Change the Windshield Wipers in Every 6 Month

Car owners are always suggested to change the windshield wipers after every 6 months. It is important for them to secure the safety measures while driving.

By following the above tips you will be able to keep your car in an excellent condition.