Auto sales will increase by 10% this year as the economy continues to rebound from the pandemic.

If you’re getting ready to replace your car, you have so many options. It’s an exciting time that can lead to bad decisions.

What are the top mistakes with buying cars that you need to avoid? Keep reading to find out.

1. Underestimate the Costs

You have a monthly payment for a car, that’s it. That’s not how car ownership works, whether you have a new or used car.

There are costs for maintenance, registration fees, insurance, gas, and loan interest. You need to weigh all of these costs to get a car that you truly can afford.

2. Don’t Research Cars

You’d think that with so much information available online that car shoppers would research before they started visiting dealerships.

That’s not the case. They walk into the local car dealership and get what they feel is the best car for them.

Don’t make the same mistake. Research the types of cars and prices. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of owning them, too.

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3. Attached to One Car Model

Not only is research important, but so is an open mind. You have to approach car buying ready to try anything that fits your needs.

There’s a car model that you might have dreamed of having since you were a kid. It doesn’t mean that car fits your budget.

4. Take a Long Loan

Cars are more expensive than ever, with new cars averaging $40,000. Most people can’t afford that out of pocket, so they choose to finance the purchase.

Cars that steep require a significant downpayment, or you have a high monthly loan payment. The other way to bring down the cost of the loan is to extend the terms of the loan.

There are now car loans that last for seven years. Your car loses a lot of its value in that time. You’re likely to have a car that’s underwater, where you owe more than the car is worth.

5. Don’t Negotiate

Car buyers don’t like to negotiate with salespeople. You have to remember that you have the power to negotiate a better deal on the car.

Don’t be tempted to just sign the paperwork just to get it over with. You have the right to negotiate and shop at several dealerships to get the best deal.

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Buying Cars

There are a lot of things that go into buying a car. You want to make sure that you get the right one to meet your budget and needs.

You also want to avoid the financial mistakes with buying cars. Owing more on a car with little value makes little sense.

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