Motoring fans from across the globe will descend on England and Scotland between now and October, to witness the adrenaline fuelled British Touring Car Championships. The event sees some of the finest racing companies go head to head to claim top prize when the competition comes to a close later this year. The BTCC have a unique edge against other motor racing sports, as the teams compete in modified versions of everyday road cars.

To celebrate Kwik Fit being headline sponsors of the championships, they’ve teamed up with Toyota and racing driver Tom Ingram, to compare the differences between a touring version of their Corolla model, compared to their road version.                                    

Transforming a vehicle created for road use and modifying it ready for the race tracks takes a lot of consideration and a well thought out process. The most noticeable difference between the two models is the interior of the vehicle. The road version of the Corolla is created to have a stylish interior, with a range of mod cons and technological features which will appeal to Toyota’s consumers. To turn the model into a BTCC worthy car, the insides are stripped back to a minimum, meaning all of the stylish interior features are removed. This is done to help bring the weight of the car down, so it can travel at high speeds around the track and none of the interior features can distract the driver.

Need for speed

Driving a BTCC model takes skill and a great deal of precision, but inevitably, without being able to hit high speeds, the driver’s skill be made redundant. The road version of the Corolla contains a 6 speed manual gearbox which is quite impressive compared to other road vehicles, which only have 5. The touring model needs to be as quick and efficient as possible, so a top of the range gearbox is essential. The model has been equipped with an Xtrac 6 speed sequential-shift gearbox, which provides a pull back and push forward feature. Installing a gearbox like this within the vehicle helps provide maximum potential during the race and plays a part in hitting the vehicles top speed of 150mph.

The heart of every car

A high quality gearbox is only the start of creating a powerful, high speed touring car. At the heart of every vehicle is its engine and Toyota haven’t held back when it comes to equipping their touring car with the best. Both models have a 2.0 litre engine but the touring model has the upper hand, with its 350+ BHP compared to the road models 180+. The engine is what allows the car to take off and generate as much power as possible, so fitting the touring model with 350+ BHP will certainly work in Toyotas favour during the championships.

Be a part of the championships

With the BTCC well underway, it’s an exciting time for racing fanatics not only in the UK, but across the globe. There’s still a long way to go before the winner is crowned in October, so grab the opportunity and watch some of the races first hand.

It would be great to know if you’re going to the championships and who you’re supporting.  Feel free to join in the conversation on social, using #KwikFitBTCC and tagging @Kwik_Fit.

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