It is significant to be familiar with the fluid you use for transmission. Consequently, today we will know about the different kinds of transmission fluids used in classic, modern and automatic transmissions for vehicles. is an online store offering transmission oil for mostly all calls according to their manufactures.

Facts and myths about transmission fluid

Many people have not neglected something that can cost them thousands of dollars. With transmission, there’s so much misinformation out there that it’s hard to know what to do. There are many myths about transmission. These can cost you dearly dear. Here are some facts to clarify these myths and help you to have no losses.

Myth: If I do not maintain my 100,000 km transmission, it may be too late or it may fail.

Fact: Proper transmission maintenance can never harm your transmission and may extend its useful life, especially when you perform predictive and preventive maintenance. That is, maintenance that predicts problems with the fluid through appropriate equipment and that predicts future problems.

Myth: Flushing the transmission will clean filter

Fact:  Transmission filter element is constructed much as a sock. Fluid comes in this transmission filter via the top and comes out via fabric. Debris cannot exit and will ultimately clog the oil filter. If the fluid does not move, the transmission lines are not lubricated well. In this way, the transmission filter should be changed.

Myth:  When there is waste in the transmission sump, it is a sign that something is wrong.

Fact: Some fine-grade powder is frequently found in transmission case. This is due to normal deterioration and does not show a problem. Bigger metal parts and water may show a serious problem. The best stores often cut apart the filter to see actual problem.

Myth: Transmission fluid is all equal or Fluid X is better than the fluid recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Fact: Manufacturers mix specific liquids to handle the specific needs of a car. There’re many fluids in market and one can use universal fluid that is even below standard. Use only the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Myth: Fluid / Transmission Oil does not need replacement.

Fact: This may even be true for countries where the predominant climate is not tropical. If vehicles are subjected to very high temperatures, which causes the fluids to dissipate more heat and eventually wear out faster, losing efficiency. Therefore, before having your transmission damaged by high temperatures, perform preventive and predictive maintenance.

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