It’s so annoying to hear your windshield squeaking especially when it’s raining? Squeaking is a common problem that regular car drivers usually face every other day. What if we inform you that this common problem can be resolved and prevented quite easily?

To resolve this issue, one needs to know what “actually” is causing squeaking? In this article today, we would be discussing the two most suggested solutions for this problem.

Mostly squeaking is heard because of the dirty windshield glass and blades. So, to nip the evil in the bud, you have to thoroughly clean the windshield glass and the windshield blades. Now that you know the two most common causes and the simplest solutions, let’s discuss the solutions in detail.

Resolving the issue by cleaning the windshield thoroughly

Squeaking can be heard when the windshield is not being cleaned thoroughly and frequently as it should be. The dirt, debris, and grease affect the performance and cause squeaking. To make your windshield stop squeaking,

  • Wipe off the dirt with a clean cloth
  • Use glass cleaner and rubbing alcohol to remove dirt, debris, and grease buildup.
  • Touch it up with glass polish. To prevent it from happening again, keep the windshield clean

If you are looking for a cheap way to clean the windshield, dampen the microfiber cloth with water, sprinkle baking soda, and start picking up the dirt to fix this issue effortlessly. You can use any DIY or commercial-made cleaners for this purpose.

Resolving the issue by cleaning the windshield blades

If a dirty windshield can cause squeaking, cleaning windshield blades can prevent squeaking to great extent. Cleaning the windshield blades is just as simple as wiping off the dirt from windshield glass. To prevent squeaking,

  • Lift the blades up
  • Remove the buildup with a clean cloth
  • Dampen the  microfiber towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe off the dirt thoroughly
  • Take tissue papers and keep on wiping the dirt off until they start coming off clean

If you cannot find rubbing alcohol, alcohol wipes can also be used to clean the dirt and debris causing the squeaking.

Once the tissue paper came off clean, check if the blades are still squeaking or not? If cleaning the windshield and windshield blades does not fix the issue, then dirty windshield glass or blades may not be the issue. 

You can also fix the problem and improve the windshield blade’s performance by refilling the windshield water fluid, adjusting the blades, replacing the wiper parts, and softening the wipers using ArmorAll, rubbing alcohol, or WD-40.


Windshield squeaking is a common problem that annoys drivers the most. Mostly, the windshield wiper’s performance gets affected by the dirty glass and windshield blades. To fix the issue and prevent it from happening again, we suggest you thoroughly clean the blades and windshield glass. Wipe off the dirt from blades using rubbing alcohol and try cleaning the glass with the help of glass cleaner, and glass polish. Keeping the windshield glass and blades clean is better than getting the windshield replacement.

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