Upsizing your tyres is a big decision. You have a lot of choices and no two vehicles are exactly the same. If you are an auto enthusiast, the aesthetics and looks will be an important part of your decision. The majority of auto enthusiasts are looking for a unique and sporty vehicle. This inevitably leads to modifications and customization including type upsizing. In addition to giving your vehicle a bold appearance, there are also numerous additional benefits.

The most important factor to consider is how you are going to upsize your tires. You can keep your original wheels and simply install wider tyres or you can upgrade your wheels. In this instance, you must have larger wheels to install wider tyres. The best method is partially dependent on your type of vehicle and what you want to gain. In addition to cosmetically enhancing the profile of your vehicle, there are a lot of benefits to tyre upsizing.

Both methods are equally effective and do not require a lot of sophistication. The second option is more beneficial because it offers a lot more pros than cons. When you change the specification of the type for your vehicle, it does a lot more than simply upgrade the aesthetics. You will be enhancing your traction and improving the way your vehicle handles in addition to achieving your desired look. You will also improve your profile along with your performance.

The downside of the first option is when you enlarge the width without changing the tyre specifications, you will reduce the acceleration of your vehicle due to the wider width and extra weight. The second option is more expensive, but will provide you with much better results than just changing your tyres. The majority of serious car enthusiasts choose the second option because they do not want to sacrifice acceleration for aesthetics. There is no reason you cannot have both.

The Personalization

One of the fastest and most efficient ways to personalize your vehicle is with tyre upsizing. This will add something special to the side profile, increase the style quotient and looks extremely cool. If you are driving an SUV, the overall ruggedness of your vehicle will be uplifted with SUV tyres. Make sure you research well before going for the uplifting for better on-road performance.

The Stance

When your tyres are wider, there is a larger area to grip onto the road. This will help you maintain more stability and greater control. This is especially true when you are travelling at a higher speed. The braking distance is significantly decreased to give you better control when you use your brake pedal. This increases your safety because the skid is either very slight or eliminated completely.

The Cornering Factor

One of the most important factors regarding cornering your car is the suspension. In general, the sidewall flex on wider tyres is slimmer. This will enable you to corner better even when you are driving at a higher speed. Tyre upsizing also provides you with better control because it enhances the traction, stability and balance of your vehicle. If your vehicle has issues with over-steering or under-steering, wider tyres will be an asset. Your vehicle will be more secure and safer because you will be able to balance it properly. Wider tyres also provide wider threads and stiffer sidewalls. This will go a long way to improving both your handling and cornering.

The Overall Performance of the Vehicle

It is important to understand when you change the profile of your tyres, you are also changing the overall performance of your vehicle. If the upsizing is not performed by someone capable of coordinating the upsizing with the performance of your vehicle, your results will most likely be poor. The most important factor is to ensure the upsizing is in proportion with your vehicle. This means when you increase the width of your tyres, you must also equally decrease your tyre’s sidewalls to maintain performance. This will make certain you are not affecting the overall diameter of your tyres.

Changing the width more than three percent from the original is not recommended because this will almost certainly impact your overall performance. The reason it is so important to keep your tyre’s overall diameter approximately the same is because it is crucial for the accuracy of your speedometer and your gearing. If you alter the outer diameter of your tyres too much it can negatively impact not only your gearing and speedometer reading but the way your vehicle handles, your mileage and the suspension setup as well.

The Latest Trends

One of the most current automotive trends is upgrading the size of your tyres. Using more attractive and personalized tyres has become increasingly popular for auto enthusiasts due to the numerous advantages for both the appearance and performance of the vehicle. Wider tyres will greatly enhance the side profile of your vehicle while providing a more visually appealing and sturdier look overall. This will also increase the appeal of the aesthetics.

The Basic Benefits to Tyre Upsizing

Tyre upsizing does provide a wide assortment of benefits including providing additional surface areas to distribute the weight of your vehicle on the ground. This increases both the traction and the grip. This is especially true when you are cruising because wider tyres provide better stability and easier driving. You will be able to break easier when travelling at high speeds, your cornering will be smoother and your braking distance will decrease. You will see in improvement in any over or under-steering issues due to the better balance of your vehicle. Your vehicle will remain in line, be safer, have enhanced balance, traction and stability, better safety for the driver and much firmer handling.

By Salina Gomez

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